Forum rules

The administration is not engaged in preliminary censorship of messages and materials posted by the participants, but reserves the right to remove those materials that may provoke lawsuits for the protection of honor and dignity.

The administration is not responsible for any materials posted by the participants. The responsibility rests with the participants.

1. General provisions.
1.1 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from the need to follow them.
1.2 Registering your profile and posting any material (articles, consultations, videos, blogs, forum topics, encyclopedia articles, reviews and comments, etc.) on the project automatically means your acceptance of these rules and the need to comply with them.
1.3 All information available on the server is for informational purposes only. All materials submitted as part of the project reflect the opinions of their authors, and the administration is not responsible for them.
1.4 All posted materials must comply with the norms of morality and law. In case of non-compliance, any materials may be removed by the administration.
1.5 Your personal data in the application form and photo do not have to correspond to passport data, but be within the framework of morality and law. The administration reserves the right to delete data and photos that do not meet moral standards.
1.6 In case of registering more than 2 profiles for the purpose of spreading spam and immoral behavior, the administration will block such users.
1.7 Spam and incorrect advertising will be removed by the administration.
2. Forbidden
2.1 Immoral and disrespectful behavior towards other participants. In case of multiple complaints, such a member will be blocked.
2.2 Insults of project participants - according to personal, national, religious, professional, political criteria.
2.3 Rudeness, obscene expressions, obscenities, obscenities, obvious vulgarity, excessively harsh and rude expressions that can be perceived as aggression, offend someone`s feelings and aesthetic taste.
2.4 Flood, offtopic, spam.
2.5 Over-quoting. In the case of using quotes from other Internet resources, you must indicate the author or leave a link to the original source.