What are the interpretations of the Moon in the 5th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Moon in the 5th house

 The moon, located in the 5th house of the horoscope, will tell about a capable, active, romantic and loving nature. The owners of the natal chart do not hide their feelings. Their hearts live a rich inner life. An excellent property of such natives is that they are able to show a wide range of their feelings and emotions: gentle care, sensitivity, sympathy, love, etc. 

The owners of the Moon in the 5th house love a variety of social activities. They experience great delight when they are at holidays, concerts, exhibitions and other exciting events. Good food in expensive and cozy restaurants, festive serving and pleasant company relax and give a feeling of joy. Read more

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 With the Moon in the Fifth House your feeling, instinctive nature will find expression through amusements, sport, recreations, love affairs, children and creative activities in the home. Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by ego stimulation and your personal emotional identification with events. A feeling of well-being is often dependent on your current romantic attachment and the little daily pleasures that you consider important. Enjoying a flutter on the horses or stock market keeps life interesting, however, beware of impulsive gambling.

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THE MOON IN THE FIFTH HOUSE in cardinal or common signs indicates a person of very changeable afflictions, fond of pleasure and gambling. It is a sign of a fruitful marriage particularly when in Scorpio. Even in a barren sign like Leo the Moon will give children when she is placed in the Fifth House. This question, however, should always be judged from both horoscopes of the prospective parents, for should one be entirely barren, the Moon in the Fifth House in Leo or Virgo in the other horoscope, would not be sufficient help to mend the matter.

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