What are the interpretations of the Pluto in the 9th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Pluto in the 9th house

 The planet of changes and the spiritual educator Pluto, in the 9th house gives birth to revolutionary leaders who destroy dogmas in the minds of people. Pluto, in this position, strengthens the views and opinions of the individual, his convictions and worldview, and, at the same time, enhances intellectual and spiritual abilities. It gives a thirst for knowledge, hard work, great efficiency, but also idealism, deep piety, intuition and the gift of foreboding. People with such a Pluto are trying to go beyond the world in which they exist. They are drawn by the unknown, not yet experienced by them, so they travel a lot, visit foreign countries and strive to communicate with foreigners. Read more

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With Pluto in the Ninth House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through a driving need for recognition in some intellectual or religious field of higher learning.

You are likely to be drawn to emotional and ancient religious sites, and undergo the ecstasy of religious inspiration, visions, or communion with other-worldly beings. Spiritual leadership qualities may be evident and travels abroad may feature strongly in your quest for profound knowledge.
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