What are the interpretations of the Pluto in the 11th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Pluto in the 11th house

 A planet that endows with unearthly charisma and powerful energy, Pluto, in the 11th house, makes the native an influential and domineering friend, the leader of a company of peers who are ready for any action on his order, or he himself enters the retinue of authoritative leaders, imperceptibly controlling their consciousness. The power of influence on friends is limitless and depends only on the spiritual development of the native: whether he will lead them to light or darkness. 

Pluto in the 11th house rarely makes friends from childhood and for life. Friends turn into enemies or completely disappear from the field of vision when the karmic task of interaction is completed – understanding is achieved, betrayals and misunderstandings are forgiven. The team in the classroom and at work can disintegrate if the native does not play the role of an unspoken leader, gushing forth with fruitful ideas and leading the group to success. Read more

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With Pluto in the Eleventh House opportunities for transforming or regenerating yourself may come through powerful friends or group associates. You possess natural leadership qualities and a magnetic personality that should be developed to lead others in social welfare, educational, humanitarian, or charitable causes.

You are fiercely loyal to the cause and people of the moment but you can also be ruthless in pursuing your goals and objectives. Your expectations can be high, demanding a lot from yourself and others. However, you can inspire great admiration from those around you - or hatred, if you adopt a dictatorial attitude. There is a strong possibility of association with occult or metaphysical groups.
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