What are the interpretations of the Jupiter in the 10th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Jupiter in the 10th house

 If Jupiter is located in one of the corner houses of the birth chart , then a person can count on early success in life and luck in business. The tenth house is responsible for professional realization and career, and therefore the owner of Jupiter in this field has an excellent chance to reach heights in his activities and achieve recognition of his merits. 

The 10th house symbolizes both the superior and the parents (mostly the mother). Since Jupiter is a good planet, the subject can hope for the patronage of his immediate leaders, and the mother will have a beneficial effect on his fate, helping him and finding his way in life and giving wise advice.  Read more

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 JUPITER IN THE TENTH HOUSE when well-aspected is one of the best indication of an eminently successful and virtuous life, especially if he is supported by Saturn, Sun and Moon, for then the person will rise to a high position in the church, state or law and gain great wealth, honor and social esteem. 

Furthermore he will deserve all he gets for the character will be of superlative nobility. But if Jupiter be weak or afflicted in the Tenth House, particularly by Saturn or the luminaries, it shows that the character is not reliable. The person may rise but his evil deeds will find him out and therefore he will experience reversals of fortune and loss of prestige.  

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With Jupiter in the Tenth House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune coming through your social, business and professional life. This position of Jupiter denotes a steady rise in life bringing honours, favours from superiors, public appointments, esteem and eventual social, political and financial success.
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