What are the interpretations of the Jupiter in the 11th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Jupiter in the 11th house

 11th Home is associated with the dreams and aspirations of a person. It brings unexpected finds and gifts of fate to the native, and this is especially true if the good planet Jupiter is in the given house of the horoscope . 

Jupiter is a luminary that gives happiness, joy and various benefits. The owner of the horoscope can unexpectedly receive the necessary information, help from well-wishers, as well as material incentives from the team and their superiors. Read more

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 JUPITER IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE and well-aspected gives wealthy and influential friends who may be relied upon to help the person to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. It also gives a sociable disposition and fondness for pleasure. In a man's horoscope it signifies that the marriage will be fruitful and that his children will be a credit and a help to him, but before judgment is rendered in this respect the wife's horoscope should also be examined to see whether it concurs, for if not then the judgment must be modified. 

When Jupiter is afflicted in the Eleventh House either the person meets friends who are good and sincere in their desire to help him but lack the ability or less the friends whom he attracts come to him to be benefited. In either case he will not be helped much by friends but must depend upon his own resources to attain his desires.  

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With Jupiter in the Eleventh House you will find luck, ease of working and general good fortune through generous friendships and social activities within groups or clubs. This position of Jupiter brings true, influential and fortunate friends, and associations with prominent persons - legislators, senators, judges, bankers, doctors, professors, etc.

Development and gain can be expected through such acquaintances. Social success, popularity and honour can be expected.
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