What are the interpretations of the Sun in the 4th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Sun in the 4th house

This position of the luminary in the 4th house suggests that for the owners of the horoscope in life, the house and family (parental and their own) are very important. These people have good traditional values, care for those who are younger than them and respect the older people in the family. 

Often, these subjects believe that family well-being is much more important than work and social recognition. The main thing for them is to gain respect and recognition in a narrow circle of their family members. The most important and interesting events take place at home. These natives do not spare their time for communication and joint affairs with close and dear people, do not miss family celebrations, are happy to organize receptions and children’s parties. Read more

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 In one sense this is very unfortunate position because it deprives the person of the help of the solar influence during the major portion of life, which is on that account a constant uphill struggle, but as the Fourth House rules the latter part of life it is always a consolation to know that the declining years will be brightened by the Sun of success. That should make the burdens lighter to bear. 

Max Heindel

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 With the Sun in the Fourth House your personality drive will find expression mainly in family, home, land and property concerns. Security is your main preoccupation, and this will be sought and fought for to ensure complete self-reliance. Thus your later life should be less difficult than the early years. There may be an inheritance of some kind through your parents. Inner experiences will also be important to you, because security and self-reliance require  personality integration  at the psychological level - a very difficult task and completed only after much  blood, sweat and tears . 

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