What are the interpretations of the Sun in the 8th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Sun in the 8th house

The sun in the Eighth house is not the best location for the luminary. Traditionally, the Eighth House is considered the evil field of the horoscope, which is associated with danger. Nevertheless, the Sun, which is strong in quality (for example, in Aries or in Leo) and has only harmonious aspects, makes the native less vulnerable, although unforeseen and risky situations in life will still be present. 

It is these people who are often called lucky. They themselves understand that they have some kind of hidden capabilities and unusual abilities, and often try to develop them. In circumstances in which an ordinary person would fail, these natives mobilize and show their best qualities. Surprisingly, those around the owners of the Sun in the 8th house in extreme situations manage to get out of the water dry. This inspires respect, recognition and a desire to imitate. Read more

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 The Eighth House is the angle of incidence through which the death dealing forces act, and as the Sun is the giver of life it is evident that this position is extremely detrimental as far as vitality is concerned, and it often brings a promising life to an early termination. It also often happens that when genius has gone begging all through life and passed the portal of death in obscurity it gains belated recognition, fame and immortality through this position of the Sun. 

As the Second House signifies the financial condition of the person and shows what he does with the money he earns, so the Eighth shows what comes to him apart from his own efforts, that is to say, inheritances, the wealth of the marriage partner, etc. Therefore the Sun in the Eighth House shows an increase of wealth after marriage but also a tendency of the mate to be over-generous and squander the means. 

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 The Sun in the Eighth House may bring financial benefit through marriage. Much of your life's energy will be applied to joint financial ventures or possibly a profession dealing with the management of other people's money - banking for instance. The use of power is highlighted in some way, this will be generated and applied within your close social relationships. Some gain through inheritance is likely. There may also be a strong desire to study philosophical, metaphysical or occult subjects. Will-power and financial ability are accentuated.

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