What are the interpretations of the Sun in the 6th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Sun in the 6th house

The sun in the sixth house of the horoscope will tell about the personality of the helpful, efficient and practical. People with such a Sun may not have enough stars from the sky in life, but those around them will appreciate them as the most effective and therefore irreplaceable worker. 

The owners of the horoscope strive to do their job better than others. They know how to delve into details well, eliminate frequent failures and errors in the workflow, improve the technologies used in production. Read more

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 Seeing that the Sun is the Giver of Life it is evident that when it is confined in the Sixth House it is debilitated and the vital flow is obstructed; therefore people who have the Sun in that position are particularly liable to disease and slow to recuperate. On that account their diseases are frequent and long-drawn-out to an extent which often amounts to chronic invalidism. 

If the person is an employee of someone else he will be efficient in his work; he will have no difficulty in obtaining well-paid positions but he will be very touchy towards his employers and make frequent changes under the pretext that his abilities are not sufficiently appreciated. If he is an employer, this position of the Sun is good for success in business, but indicates trouble with servants, who will be domineering. 

If the configurations in the horoscope enable the person to shake off the grip of sickness the Sun in the Sixth House gives great ability in chemistry, preparation of health-food, and makes the person a capable nurse or healer.

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 With the Sun's energy in the Sixth House your vital forces may be drawn into some form of service that will bring deep personal satisfaction. Hard work and challenging situations are certainly indicated - probably within the work environment itself. You seek perfection and distinction in you work and this quality could bring you well-paid, responsible positions. Crisis situations will develop, but you meet these with steady determination. The Sun in this house also indicates a need to overcome some weakness. Often this relates to health matters.

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