What are the interpretations of the Mars in the 1st house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Mars in the 1st house 

 The qualities of Mars are especially manifested in a person's character if this luminary is located in the 1st house of an individual horoscope. 

Mars in the birth chart is responsible for the manifestation of strength. Sometimes it can be courage, courage, strong-willed pressure, and then the energy of Mars is spent constructively. If Mars is negatively aspected in the horoscope, then the person may be too self-confident, reckless, aggressive and conflicting.  Read more

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 MARS IN THE ASCENDANT, OR FIRST HOUSE, when well-aspected has a most beneficial influence upon the constitution, particularly if he is in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or in the sign of his exaltation Capricorn, but sometimes when a weak sign like Cancer is rising and the other planets are much afflicted Mars in the Ascendant may infuse sufficient energy into the body to tide it over the critical period of infancy. 

This position also gives energy, ambition, courage, self-reliance and determination which are exceedingly helpful characteristics in winning the battle of life. It indicates an enterprising and practical person who will shun no effort in order to succeed. When Mars is afflicted in the First House he nevertheless strengthens the constitution and gives muscular power and endurance, but he makes such persons rash, impulsive, headstrong and foolhardy. 

Thus they neglect the ordinary precautions to guard their health and become subject to fevers and other inflammatory diseases, also liable to accidents and loss of blood by lesions of varying magnitude, danger from fire such as burns or scalds, according to the nature of the afflicting planet. In this respect the Sun is usually productive of fevers and inflammations. Jupiter gives liability to broken bones or accident by railroad or rolling stock, Uranus and Saturn falls and bruises and Venus disease caused by indulgence of the passional nature. 

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With Mars in the First House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative into personal affairs and self-expression by developing a capacity for action and personal leadership. Self-confidence and courage are gained by active participation in rugged, physical and competitive sport or other similar activity.

This position of Mars tremendously increases will-power and you are likely to be motivated by the need to win and to be first in your particular field. You have the capacity to achieve much and generate enthusiasm in others, though you must be careful not to burn yourself out through over-activity. You are, in a general sense, actively searching for a strong social self-image.
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