What are the interpretations of the Mars in the 10th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Mars in the 10th house 

 The most active, energetic and conquering planet in the firmament Mars in the 10th house of the horoscope, which is responsible for career and social fulfillment, makes a person ambitious, ambitious, purposeful and effective in his chosen activities. 

But do not forget about the evil nature of this luminary. The presence of Mars in the 10th house of the radix creates problems at work. Conflicts, intrigues, showdowns and emergency situations prevent the native from fulfilling his duties, and tough, aggressive and overly controlling management often suppresses this initiative and promising employee.  Read more

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MARS IN THE TENTH HOUSE and well-aspected is one of the best signs of success in life for it gives an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with an inexhaustible fund of energy, so that no matter what obstacles are placed in his way the person is bound to rise to the top. It gives a masterful nature and good executive ability so that the person is well-qualified to conduct business and command others. These people succeed best in Martian occupations where fire, iron or sharp tools are used in a skilled manner, as by engineers or machinists, tailors or surgeons, et cetera. When Mars is afflicted in the Tenth House it gives the same energy and ambition as the good aspects but the person will then lack discrimination and overreach himself with the result that he will incur the enmity of other people who will accomplish his downfall and bring him into disrepute in the community. Thus the life will be filled with strife, struggle and unhappiness until the person has learned to hold himself in leash, regard the rights of others and abandon his autocratic attitude and self-assertion. This position also gives liability to accident and slander. 

Max Heindel

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With Mars in the Tenth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative by actively pursuing fame and social status. Courage, ambition, energy, enterprise, force, emotional involvement, business acumen and a strong compulsive drive for success may lead to public achievement or professional recognition.

You like to see practical results for your efforts and take pride in doing a job correctly. You may become a force to be reckoned with in career and professional life, however your argumentative, aggressive and quarrelsome nature may create difficulties on occasion. Patience, tolerance and a less-hasty attitude to events should be cultivated.
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