What are the interpretations of the Mars in the 9th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Mars in the 9th house 

 Mars symbolizes the activity, energy and penetrating abilities of a person, and the 9th house will designate the sphere of life in which the owner of the horoscope is inclined to show his volitional qualities and make the greatest efforts. The 9th house of the natal chart is responsible for education and foreign travel, and therefore a person is not indifferent to the topic of learning and strives for achievements in this area, and during long trips he manifests himself as a conqueror. His task is to expand the spheres of his influence and worldview, and by hook or by crook he seeks to resolve it. On the way to the native's success, as a rule, troubles lie in wait: dangers on the road, conflicts, emergency situations during study, etc. Read more

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MARS IN THE NINTH HOUSE well-aspected gives a liberal, broad and progressive view upon all problems of life. People with Mars in this position are likely to take up some cause having for its object the social or spiritual upliftment of mankind in general and become very enthusiastic workers in the particular cult which has aroused their sympathies. They are fond of a roving life and benefit by changing from one place to another, especially by travel in foreign lands. 

They have a clean, clear and alert mentality and a taking way or presenting their views to others. Therefore they make good missionaries in whatever line of propaganda they take up. But if Mars is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes people bigoted and fanatical in their views, regular ranters who disgust all whom they try to afflict with their ideas, whether they are religious or atheistic. People with an afflicted Mars here should never travel, but remain in their native place for they will always be in danger of accident on journeys and however much they may be disliked in their native place they will find a still worse reception in foreign parts. 

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With Mars in the Ninth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative through self-development, travel, exploration, sports, religion, philosophy or higher education, in order to gain a broad experience of life. You enjoy any form of intellectual challenge and should do well in gaining academic qualifications.

Having a crusading spirit, breadth of vision and strong religious or philosophical convictions are likely. You will aggressively crusade for worthwhile causes and actively support higher social groups in service to mankind.
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