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Mars in the 9th house

Mars symbolizes the activity, energy and penetrating abilities of a person, and the 9th house will designate the sphere of life in which the owner of the horoscope is inclined to show his volitional qualities and make the greatest efforts.

The 9th house of the natal chart is responsible for education and foreign travel, and therefore a person is not indifferent to the topic of learning and strives for achievements in this area, and during long trips he manifests himself as a conqueror. His task is to expand the spheres of his influence and worldview, and by hook or by crook he seeks to resolve it. On the way to the native's success, as a rule, troubles lie in wait: dangers on the road, conflicts, emergency situations during study, etc.

The 9th house of the horoscope symbolizes the law and the religious and philosophical views of people. It is better for the native not to violate the rules accepted in society and observe moral and ethical standards, otherwise he may face public censure and problems with the authorities.

Since the Ninth House also symbolizes distant relatives, the native may have a bad relationship with them. Meetings and other interactions with them can lead to outbursts of rage, anger and aggression.

Features of nature and human behavior

The owner of the horoscope seeks to expand his horizons and, as a rule, spends a lot of energy on studying. Knowledge does not come easily to him. Of course, the native quickly grasps the essence of the subject, but at first a lot causes a wave of internal contradictions. Any ideas are severely criticized, and such an uncomfortable student makes an unfavorable impression on the teachers.

Audience discussions are commonplace for the 9th house owner of Mars, and he strives to emerge victorious. Conflicts during studies can lead to the expulsion of such a student, or his education is interrupted due to other unforeseen circumstances.

The owner of the horoscope is interested in sports, chemistry, physics, financial sciences, linguistics, as well as philosophy, religion and law-making.

Mars, its aspects and essential power

Aspecting Mars tells a lot about the native 's relationship with God. If the aspects of Mars with other planets are harmonious, then such a person correctly interprets the interaction of the earthly and heavenly principles. He prays for the realizable and makes the necessary efforts in order to accelerate the fulfillment of his dreams.

If the aspect of Mars is negative, then a person can either deny religion, or adhere to radical views in his faith and even be a member of sects. We can talk about religious fanaticism and the desire to influence the minds of other people, imposing their ideas and principles on them.

If Mars has essential power (for example, it is in Scorpio ), then business and personal trips abroad are mostly productive and bring material success to the native.

If Mars in the horoscope is weak in quality (for example, located in Cancer ) and negatively aspected, then during the travels of a person there may be danger.


Mars in the 9th house of a man

The owner of the horoscope is educated, enterprising and seeks to constantly expand his spheres of influence. He may be attracted to sports. Participation in various competitions, contests and olympiads gives you the opportunity to throw out the restless energy of Mars and get pleasure from it. Victories in these events increase the native's self-esteem and satisfy his many ambitions.

Mars in the 9th house of a woman

The owner of the horoscope has a freedom-loving and optimistic character, an independent mind and is ready to fight for her worldview. A relationship is best developed with a man who is educated, cultured and loves to travel. A fateful acquaintance can happen while studying at a university or while traveling. The spouse-to-be can be a foreigner, athlete, teacher, or legal representative.

Lilia Garipova

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