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Mars in the 10th house

The most active, energetic and conquering planet in the firmament Mars in the 10th house of the horoscope, which is responsible for career and social fulfillment, makes a person ambitious, ambitious, purposeful and effective in his chosen activities.

But do not forget about the evil nature of this luminary. The presence of Mars in the 10th house of the radix creates problems at work. Conflicts, intrigues, showdowns and emergency situations prevent the native from fulfilling his duties, and tough, aggressive and overly controlling management often suppresses this initiative and promising employee.

The tenth field of the horoscope symbolizes not only the superiors, but also the mother of the subject. When the planet is damaged and its status is weak, the relationship with the mother can be especially problematic. On the one hand, she can be too authoritarian, domineering, demanding of the native, as well as merciless to his mistakes and mistakes. On the other hand, the mother may be unceremonious when it comes to the personal life of the owner of the horoscope.

Personal characteristics and human behavior

The owner of Mars in the 10th house is distinguished by courage, enterprise, iron will, as well as a high level of independence and responsibility. He knows how to make decisions and does it quickly and efficiently. At work, such a person never feels calm. Life throws up new tasks for him, and only thanks to a good reaction and extraordinary energy, the native manages not only to cope with routine duties, but also to perform feats of labor.

In the professional field of the owner of Mars in the 10th house, there are both ups and downs. Such a person can achieve a lot in a short time and overnight lose the positions won due to his own quarrelsomeness, recklessness or unfavorable coincidences at work.

The owner of a horoscope can change several types of activity during his life. And every time he has to start from scratch. Nevertheless, natural resilience, enthusiasm and great hard work help the native to achieve the top in any job and even take a high position.

Of interest to these people are activities related to finance, business, insurance and security. The native can realize its enormous natural potential in military affairs, in sports and in production.

Mars, aspects and signs of the zodiac

A career will work out best if the said planet is essentially strong. Mars in Scorpio , in Aries and in Capricorn will give tough, but still decent, fair, honest and considerate leaders who will support the most promising initiatives of the subject. The absence of tense aspects of Mars will make the position of the owner of the horoscope more reliable and stable.


Mars in the 10th house of a man

If Mars is in the 10th house of a man, then this speaks of his practicality, perseverance, perseverance and firm position in life. As a rule, he manages to achieve considerable success in life. But selfishness, excessive ambition, a high level of ambition and conflict can create significant difficulties for him in his personal life.

Such a man needs to remember that it is not at all necessary to do everything alone. You shouldn't spend all your energy on career advancement and fighting competitors. You need to find time and energy to support loved ones and loved ones.

Mars in the 10th house of a woman

If Mars is in the 10th house of a woman, then this may indicate her acquaintance with her future spouse at work. The owner of the horoscope is attracted to men who are serious, responsible, disciplined and able to lead. In some cases, the partner is significantly older than the woman. Marriage can be concluded at a mature age and for material reasons.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mars in 10th House:


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