What are the interpretations of the Uranus in the 3rd house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Uranus in the 3rd house

 Uranus is a planet of changes, sudden surprises and new projects, falling into the 3rd house , brings a note of eccentricity to its traditional themes: schooling, relationships with siblings and classmates, state of speech, travel in high-speed transport. The patron saint of everything new endows his ward with extreme ingenuity, revolutionary views on social morality and a technical mindset, which does not detract from the native's creative capabilities. Since childhood, they cannot stand rules and restrictions, preferring to invent their own. 

Uranian charisma and courage make them class leaders who are unafraid of teacher authority and who fight injustice. However, the struck Uranus in the 3rd house can make a clown out of a child, the whole school makes fun of his antics. However, the native himself at any age experiences a secret delight of being beyond convention.   Read more

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URANUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE. The Third House governs brothers and sisters, neighbors, education, and the mental or intellectual faculties. Therefore this position strengthens the intuitional abilities of the person, and gives a certain predisposition towards what is commonly called psychic faculties. Uranus rules the ether, hence the Third House position should make it easy for the person to cultivate spiritual sight, especially if Uranus is well-aspected with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury. 

If Uranus is afflicted in the Third House it indicates quarrels with neighbors, brothers and sisters, probably a breaking up of the family ties, also that the education will be interfered with through the erratic, self-willed conduct of the person, and the mind will be more or less unsettled, and changeable as a weather-vane. An afflicted Uranus in the Third House also predisposes to accidents according to the nature of the afflicting planet, and particularly when on short journeys. These people, it may also be said, are subject to adventures and strange happenings on their journeys such as do not usually befall other people. 

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With a Third House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an original, intellectual, inventive, ingenious, unconventional and unusual mind. A natural free-thinker you will explore new ideas and new areas of knowledge without becoming influenced by other people s biased opinions.

Your curiosity is likely to extend to things mystical, New Age, occult, extraordinary, profound and ancient. You may become involved with some form of social or mental reforms. Travel will be an important feature. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.
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