What are the interpretations of the Chiron in the 2nd house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Chiron in the 2nd house

 A small asteroid planet in the natal chart shows an area where success is closely related to originality and paradoxical thinking, and mental turmoil will become a springboard to success. Chiron in the 2nd house symbolizes double wealth, the ability to make money out of thin air, thanks to strange ideas, sometimes funny to others, but unexpectedly bringing a certain profit. The planet does not promise easy money, on the contrary, its task is to teach decency and kindness after a series of trials and temptations. Duplicity and mimicry of the native give a chance to get rich quickly from fraud, but this is a path to degradation. Read more

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Chiron teaches and gives advise. The 2nd house is money, possessions, and values. You can show other people how to take care of their money better than you take care of your own. In fact, your own finances could be a mess. Sometimes, this placement can make for a miser, but the money collected never brings any pleasure or get rid of the inner fear that there will be no resources. Most likely, this is because the person has a low sense of self-worth and feels that they don't really deserve any money or possessions. In other cases, they may squander or give away what they have for the same reason. It is important to remember that if there are problems with money or possessions, that these are most likely not the real issue. The sense of self-worth is the key here.

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