What are the interpretations of the Chiron in the 9th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Chiron in the 9th house

 The ancient Greek centaur Chiron, who taught the ancient heroes, was a talented teacher who came up with paradoxical parables before practical exercises. The planetoid of the same name in the 9th house endows the ward with the gift of a teacher, who explains the material more clearly, the more complex the subject of discussion. A multifaceted mind capable of considering a problem from opposite points of view, devoid of theological barriers – the native is more often an atheist, who trusts science more than God. 

The higher self of the owner of Chiron in the 9th house tries to keep the knowledge of good and evil in balance. A person acts unpredictably for others, anticipating the development of events. The villain is rewarded according to the rules of the dark side: he will not stretch his hand to the murderer hanging over the abyss, but he also does not rush to charity without checking the facts. Read more

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Perfect for a travel agent who sends everyone else on fantastic trips while they are stuck in the office doing the booking, or a publisher or writing teacher who gets everyone else's books before the public, while secretly longing to write and publish their own. Parents with this placement of Chiron frequently tend to push their children to pursue the higher education that they themselves never had a chance to get. 

Negatively, this could mean forcing them into studying what the parents wished that they had studied, and not what the kids really want. There could also be jealousy here (Saturn) and the parents could actually take steps to deprive their children of higher education. The 9th house also rules religion. Sometimes this leads to thinking that the fanatic pursuit of some religious doctrine will cure all of one's inner wounds. This could also manifest as obsessive travel or study.

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