What are the interpretations of the Chiron in the 5th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Chiron in the 5th house

 The planetoid Chiron is intended to indicate the area where it is necessary to combine spiritual and material achievements. Being in the 5th house , the symbol of the wise centaur brings contradictions and paradoxes to the issues of conception, pregnancy and relationships with children, romance and creativity. The native rushes between two poles – love for babies, the desire to become a parent with many children and the desire for freedom and independence. A talent in the arts that requires material sacrifice, or a routine job with a high, stable salary. Throughout life, the choice between comfort and the flight of the soul will arise sharply and inevitably. Read more

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If you need romantic advice, go to someone who has Chiron in the 5th house. Please don't ask them about their own love life, as that would embarrass them. You can also go to people who have this placement for advise on children, sports and games, gambling, and the stock market. Realistically, one does have to look at the rest of the chart because, after all, about one out of twelve people have this Chiron. And you wouldn't, of course, ask a five-year old who had it for advise. 

But this placement is generally good for counseling in those areas. Just remember to do as they say, but don't do as they do. Chiron in the 5th house can make for folks who are great coaches, helping players to perform better than they themselves could. It could also show people who are great with kids, but either have chronic troubles with their own, or have none of their own. This can be an indicator that you can train your children to be happier and more successful than you ever could. Watch out though. If Chiron is afflicted, you will drive your kids to succeed in the areas that you would have liked to succeed in but that they don't really like at all. The most frustrating one is the great lover who can always satisfy their partner better than they themselves could be satisfied.

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