What are the interpretations of the Chiron in the 12th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Chiron in the 12th house

 The last sector of the natal chart is associated with the secret mystical side of the personality and the pinnacle of the karmic task. Chiron in the 12th house takes the native beyond the generally accepted perception of things, endowing him with the gift of seeing the unknown, incomprehensible to most, but obvious to the ward of the wise centaur. It is not easy to cope with such a feature if you do not develop spiritually, taking the laws of the physical world for granted. 

The owner of Chiron in the 12th house often lives with dreams, since they are real for him. These are the children who invent a virtual friend for themselves, adults who prefer communication on the Internet to live contact, allowing the fear of disappointment in the surrounding reality to glaze themselves inside a rainbow cocoon of fantasies. Read more

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As always, Chiron shows where we can do more for others than ourselves. A 12th house Chiron may compulsively try to take care of the poor the sick, and the unfortunate while neglecting their own needs and those of their own family. Conversely, there may be malingering and the person with this placement may themselves always seem in "need" because of one (frequently self-caused) "problem" after another. This placement tends to make a person feel tired and fatigued. If you have this one, be sure to get plenty of rest.

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