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Sun in the 6th house

The sun in the sixth house of the horoscope will tell about the personality of the helpful, efficient and practical. People with such a Sun may not have enough stars from the sky in life, but those around them will appreciate them as the most effective and therefore irreplaceable worker.

The owners of the horoscope strive to do their job better than others. They know how to delve into details well, eliminate frequent failures and errors in the workflow, improve the technologies used in production.

Such people perceive the world as the interaction of various processes and phenomena that need to be understood and put in order. It is also important to learn how to integrate into this world, finding in oneself the qualities that are in demand in it. In this case, all efforts will be crowned with success, and a good practical result will appear in business.

It rarely happens that people with the Sun in the 6th house want to become leaders, although they need to look at other features of the birth chart. Such individuals with this constellation prefer to do their job well, rather than giving instructions to others. At the same time, the Sun in the 6th house requires some autonomy and complete freedom of action in its area of ​​work. These people are ready to show colleagues the secrets of their craft, but strangers should not interfere in a clearly regulated and well-established work process.

People with the Sun in the 6th house is responsible for their health. They understand that good physical condition is the key to the performance and the possibility of social realization. They prefer to visit highly qualified specialists, receive the highest quality medical services and usually do not save on medications.

Pets bring joy to such people. Usually pets have a good pedigree, are purchased for a lot of money, emphasize the status and good taste of their owners.

Sun in 6th house in various zodiac signs

The sign of the zodiac in which the Sun stands will tell people about the type of work that is most attractive and interesting for the owners of the horoscope.

For example, if the Sun is in the air sign of Aquarius, then these people choose a job related to the Internet, programming, social communications, computers, aviation, etc.

The sun in the fire sign of Leo disposes people to creative, sports, teaching, and the luminary in earth signs (in Taurus, Virgo or in Capricorn) indicates work related to finance, construction, real estate, and the disposal of material assets.

The luminary located in the water signs in the 6th house will inform these natives of the craving for psychology, medicine, and work in the service sector. People with the Sun in Cancer can become  good workers in preschool and school education.

Sun in the 6th house in a man’s birth chart

If a man’s Sun is located in the 6th house of natal chart, then his character will have hard work, healthy practicality and rationality. In many ways, he will take an example from his father – a neat, skillful, reasonable man with a lot of practical skills. Although with such an arrangement of the Sun, one can also judge the low social position that the father occupied.

Sun in the 6th house in a woman’s birth chart

The location of the Sun in the 6th house in a woman’s natal chart is not very successful for her personal life. This is one of the indications of unequal marriage and the conditions of some kind of subordination in relations with a marriage partner, although much also depends on the aspects that the luminary forms with other planets.

It is also possible that the spouses work together, or their marriage was concluded for material reasons. Such a woman will be forced to take care of her partner, as he may suffer from illness.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Sun in 6th House:


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