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Sun in the 8th house

The sun in the Eighth house is not the best location for the luminary. Traditionally, the Eighth House is considered the evil field of the horoscope, which is associated with danger. Nevertheless, the Sun, which is strong in quality (for example, in Aries or in Leo) and has only harmonious aspects, makes the native less vulnerable, although unforeseen and risky situations in life will still be present.

It is these people who are often called lucky. They themselves understand that they have some kind of hidden capabilities and unusual abilities, and often try to develop them. In circumstances in which an ordinary person would fail, these natives mobilize and show their best qualities. Surprisingly, those around the owners of the Sun in the 8th house in extreme situations manage to get out of the water dry. This inspires respect, recognition and a desire to imitate.

People with this position of the Sun sometimes become informal leaders. In their view, any person, phenomenon or circumstance is a resource that can be used with benefit for business. Powerful intuition and discernment help such people recognize the interests, motives and desires of others and channel their energies in the right direction.

On the other hand, these owners of the horoscope try to deal only with strong people who are able to provide any kind of support. They immediately see with whom they can go on reconnaissance, and with whom it is better not to have any business. For such individuals, stability of the situation is important, and they know what cooperation with an unreliable, cowardly and morally weak person can turn out to be.

If the Sun in the 8thhouse is weak in quality and seriously affected, then this can cause diseases of the eyes, heart and cardiovascular system.

Sun in 8th house in various zodiac signs

People with the Sun in water signs (especially in Scorpio) and in earth signs (especially in Taurus) have the best financial abilities. Even if they are not financiers, employees of banks and insurance offices, the natural understanding of benefits helps them in everyday situations.

Fire signs, in which the Sun is located in the 8th house, indicate a desire to control people, lighting and inspiring them by their own example. The Sun in Leo and Aries is especially strong, and its position in the 8th house indicates the desire to accumulate untold wealth and live in luxury.

The sun in the signs of Air indicates the ability to talk with people and convince them. It is the intellect and the gift of eloquence that help the owners of the horoscope to achieve what they want.

Sun in the 8th house in a man’s birth chart

If in a man’s horoscope the Sun is in the 8th house, then he considers it necessary to develop his wrestling qualities, strength and endurance. The native’s father may be at risk, especially if the star is damaged by other planets. He is often a representative of a dangerous profession (stuntman, military, firefighter, etc.), as well as a businessman, politician or entrepreneur. As an adult, the owner of the Sun in the 8th house can make a choice in favor of such a profession.

Sun in the 8th house in a woman’s birth chart

A woman, in whose horoscope the Sun is located in the 8th house, has a unique charm and attractiveness for the opposite sex. Next to her, they feel especially decisive and courageous. It is necessary to substitute a strong male shoulder when the owner of such a Sun needs help and support.

Often a luminary in the 8th house also means material support from a father or spouse. The higher the status of the Sun, the more tangible and stable financial assistance from men will be.

Lilia Garipova

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