What are the interpretations of the Saturn in the 1st house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Saturn in the 1st house

Saturn brings difficulties, obstacles and trials to a person's life, and this is especially true when the planet in question is in the First house of the horoscope. This field is responsible for a person's image, his image, personal characteristics and behavior. Thus, the native's outward appearance bears the imprint of sadness, heaviness and pessimism. Saturn is considered a malevolent planet, and its presence in one of the corner houses of the horoscope is not a favorable factor in the horoscope. Read more

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 SATURN IN THE FIRST HOUSE and well-aspected is a fortunate sign for no matter how a person may be handicapped in the start of life the ultimate success is assured through the patience, persistence, self-control and restraint of the person through a well-placed Saturn. Such people have a wonderful capacity for work. They seem never to tire and never to give up no matter what the obstacles. 

They have infinite confidence in themselves and their ability to accomplish that which they undertake and therefore they eventually win. But when Saturn is weak and afflicted in the First House it makes the person timid and averse to undertake responsibility; subtile, secretive, and distrustful of other people; of a gloomy disposition and inclined to seek isolation. Such people are usually shunned by others and doomed to sorrow, disappointment, delay and general trouble through life. This is also a bad sign for health, particularly in the earlier years. Bruises to the head, colds, and if Scorpio is rising, constipation; in our Leo poor circulation, in Cancer poor digestion, in Libra obstruction of the kidneys, renal calculi and other urinary difficulties and so on with the other signs.

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A First House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to a personal ambition to attain prominence and overcome problems regarding self-expression. Your goals include personal happiness, financial security, general well-being and personal fulfilment. In order to achieve self-sufficiency much hard work is required to overcome self-limitations.

Periods of gloom and discontent are certain but eventual success will come through your ability to manage others, practical ability and strenuous, protracted effort. Progress may be slow but you are sure to gain a good reputation, honour and credit through persistence, acquired ability, worldly wisdom and continual effort. A strong ego must be evolved and an agreeable social persona adopted. These qualities will enable you overcome feelings of fear and self-doubt, and to face the challenges of the outer world with courage and self-confidence - a free soul with a true sense of worth and purpose.
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