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Saturn in the 1st house

Saturn brings difficulties, obstacles and trials to a person’s life, and this is especially true when the planet in question is in the First house of the horoscope. This field is responsible for a person’s image, his image, personal characteristics and behavior. Thus, the native’s outward appearance bears the imprint of sadness, heaviness and pessimism.

Saturn is considered a malevolent planet, and its presence in one of the corner houses of the horoscope is not a favorable factor in the horoscope.

And yet, the owners of Saturn in the 1st house are able to withstand the difficulties that fate sends them. They overcome obstacles with enviable persistence and achieve good practical results in activities that they have been doing for a long time.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of Saturn in the 1st house has a strict, serious and responsible character. It is difficult for him to relax, because there is so much work and unfulfilled obligations around. Such people do not know how to relax, and they have a somewhat negative attitude towards holidays and entertainment. In relation to strangers, they are distrustful, preferring to communicate only with close and time-tested friends and acquaintances. In an unfamiliar environment, the native keeps a little dry, he adheres to the rules of etiquette and subordination.

The native looks at the world somewhat wary. He doesn’t believe in luck or luck. The owner of the horoscope is not used to hoping for help and protection from others. Only painstaking work and constant efforts in the chosen direction bring him success.

A high ability to concentrate, hard work, accuracy, the ability to adhere to rules and instructions allow the subject to advance in the professional field. Over time, such people deserve the fame of professionals and masters of their craft.

Even if the owner of Saturn in the 1st house achieves a high position, he is still distinguished by modesty and simplicity. Such people are ascetic, do not like luxury, avoid excesses in clothing and food.

Saturn and zodiac signs

Saturn is the planet of difficulties, but it is important to evaluate its essential power before concluding that this planet has a negative impact on any of the areas of the native’s life.

For example, Saturn has power in the signs of Capricorn and Libra . The considered planet in the earth sign Capricorn creates all the prerequisites for professional growth of the owner of the horoscope. He tries to achieve excellence in any endeavor and, as a rule, achieves the greatest success in adulthood. Such a person strives for wealth, and most often acquires material well-being, a fairly high status and a strong position in society. The owner of the essential strong Saturn is entrusted with the most complex and responsible projects, and he successfully completes them.

A subject with Saturn in Libra in the 1st house is seriously working on the topic of partnership and cooperation throughout his life. His efforts are not in vain. The owner of the horoscope manages to build mutually beneficial partnerships, achieve good results in activities thanks to honesty, diplomacy and the ability to bring everything in the world into a clear and correct form.

Saturn and its aspects

The harmonious aspects of Saturn with the good luminaries of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter will inform the native not only perseverance and firmness of mind, but also good luck. Society will treat such a person favorably, and sooner or later his works will receive a worthy assessment and recognition.

The negative aspects of Saturn will make it difficult for the native to succeed, and his character will often show such negative qualities as coldness, unsociability, stubbornness, criticality, pedantry, sluggishness and excessive caution.

Lilia Garipova

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