What are the interpretations of the Saturn in the 7th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Saturn in the 7th house

 Saturn is an evil luminary, and his presence in one of the corner houses of the horoscope makes a person's life full of difficulties and overcomes. Finding a planet in the 7th house makes the topic of partnership important for a native, but the sphere of relationships is generally perceived by him as difficult. 

The nature of the partners leaves much to be desired. They are slow, intractable, wayward and too demanding. It is difficult to adapt to them, and cooperation with them is being established slowly and with difficulty. And yet, the native's great patience and tolerance towards others and his ability to bring initiatives in the field of partnership to a victorious result lead to his social success. Read more

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SATURN IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE when well-aspected denotes a marriage partner endowed with the saturnine virtues, chastity and discretion, tact and discrimination, prudence and economy, which will be of great help to the person in building up his fortunes socially as well as financially; and this is a very fortunate position save for the fact that Saturn in the Seventh House, whether well-aspected or afflicted, indicates the early death of the partner. 

An afflicted Saturn in the Seventh House designates a glum, gloomy, cold and disagreeable companion who is always restraining and obstructing the person. "Don't" is the word most frequently on the tongue. It also gives trouble and loss through litigation and people with this aspect should never go to law or enter into partnerships for they will always be subject to treachery.

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A Seventh House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner is sincere, faithful and well-disposed, possibly older and more serious than yourself, not demonstrative or emotional, but stable in affections, possessing property or status.

Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, business organisation or management positions relating to contractual affairs.
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