What are the interpretations of the Saturn in the 3rd house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Saturn in the 3rd house

 Saturn symbolizes time, work, obstacles and limitations, and its influence on the Third House of the horoscope affects such areas of life as learning, communication, communication, travel, interaction with close relatives. The owner of Saturn in the 3rd house learns from childhood to overcome barriers in communication. His speech apparatus develops more slowly, and speech defects make him even more withdrawn and shy. It is not easy for such a person to open up to strangers, so his social circle is rather narrow. Read more

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SATURN IN THE THIRD HOUSE when well-aspected gives a serious, sober and thoughtful mind, capable of concentration and well able to grapple with the most profound sciences and other serious subjects in life. It gives tact, diplomacy, justice, honest and all the other saturnine virtues of the mind.

When Saturn is afflicted in the Third House it indicates trouble with brethren, danger when traveling, delays and disappointments in obtaining an education. It also fills the mind with gloomy forebodings, worry and general despondency.

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A Third House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications.

A profession in teaching, administration, accounts, publishing or some kind of research is likely. There is a need to discipline the mind against needless worry, gloom, restlessness, anxiety and misgivings. With maturity a contemplative mind, responsible, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious or profound subjects is developed. The technique of clear communication in speaking and writing is of paramount importance.
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