What are the interpretations of the Saturn in the 10th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Saturn in the 10th house

 Saturn is a planet of order, which is often identified with prohibitions and restrictions, when it enters the 10th house , it is in its Capricorn house. Therefore, the “Lord of Time” will try to make a real fighter out of his ward, standing in the ring of professional success. Step to the right, step to the left and you are on the sidelines, your teacher will not lisp with you, he, like a master from an uncut diamond, will begin to make a shining diamond. The process can be painful and time-consuming. Read more

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SATURN IN THE TENTH HOUSE shows a strong self-reliant and ambitious spirit with the patience and perseverance which make a person destined to rise in life. It is the signature of the self-made man, self-made by all the sterling saturnine ventures, tact, foresight, honesty and systematic application to business. Such people are destined to become captains of industry, presidents of banks or hold other high positions involving great responsibility.

When Saturn is afflicted or weak by the sign he nevertheless gives the person who has him in the Tenth House, ability to rise, but when he does rise it is by underhanded trickery and questionable business methods which in the end bring exposure, downfall and dishonor. It is said that Napoleon had Saturn in the Tenth House.

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Napoleon had his Saturn in the 9th house, not the tenth as is often thought.


A Tenth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to the attainment of public power and status through positions of authority and professionalism. You may have had a lack of opportunities in your youth and met with obstacles, delay, dull periods and disappointment.

However, with your ambition for power and advancement, and through steady, persevering industry, you will rise above your sphere in life - possibly in your middle years. You will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with worldly power, status, achievement, practical accomplishment and the ability to deal effectively with authority. Your deep need for financial security and self-sufficiency will provide the necessary impetus for success.
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