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Chiron in the 12th house – a healer in search of a soul mate

The last sector of the natal chart is associated with the secret mystical side of the personality and the pinnacle of the karmic task. Chiron in the 12th house takes the native beyond the generally accepted perception of things, endowing him with the gift of seeing the unknown, incomprehensible to most, but obvious to the ward of the wise centaur.

It is not easy to cope with such a feature if you do not develop spiritually, taking the laws of the physical world for granted. The owner of Chiron in the 12th house often lives with dreams, since they are real for him. These are the children who invent a virtual friend for themselves, adults who prefer communication on the Internet to live contact, allowing the fear of disappointment in the surrounding reality to glaze themselves inside a rainbow cocoon of fantasies.

The harmonious Chiron in the 12th house creates a healer who is looking for a panacea for his own emotional and physical trauma in order to cure others later, and the affected planet gives rise to a rebel protesting against the traditions and conventions of society. This is the most dangerous enemy, using sophisticated imagination to destroy the enemy at all levels.

Features of the inner world

The owner of Chiron in the 12th house lives with the conviction that the world is not safe. It comes from childhood turmoil when faced with injustice and makes you want to hide from reality, lock yourself in your office during your lunch break, or keep guests out of secret places at home, such as the bedroom.

Despite the need for solitude, prolonged loneliness is excruciating. The native is threatened with complete dependence on a partner, next to whom he will feel safe. It is like a drug, and a person will do anything to constantly feel peace of mind next to a reliable friend or lover, and breaking up with him will be perceived as a tragedy of life.

The native poorly represents the boundaries of personal interaction with others, making the same mistakes:

  • endlessly empathizing and empathizing with victims of cruelty;
  • letting toxic people close, creating chaos in the soul;
  • languishing with guilt that he was again faced with betrayal;
  • disappointed in the wisdom of Divine providence, not receiving support from above in difficult moments.

The karmic task is to learn to consciously control the power of empathy. The owners of Chiron in the 12th house are natural healers: enough mental message to channel the power of energy with the wish of recovery, and the process will start. Sometimes the native feels how hot and itchy his palms are, filling with strength, next to a sick or mentally broken person. A Chironian’s hug is healing.

Combination with zodiac signs

The key to healing the wounds inflicted by society under Chiron in the 12th house is the study of Saturn. Attention to detail, a structured lifestyle, punctuality, faithfulness to word and duty are the first step to gaining confidence. Deep religiosity helps in trials, but often turns into fanaticism or atheism in the absence of practicality of mind.

The action of Chiron in the 12th house has not been fully studied by astrologers, there are only some observations of how the zodiac sign affects the planetoid:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the most powerful conductors of the Universal healing energy for the control of which you need to learn Reiki, qigong, study occult practices from an experienced teacher. Consciousness is torn between the desire for the brilliance of glory and going into spiritual asceticism.

2. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – without a faithful partner giving a sense of stability, they are prone to panic attacks and uncertainty in large companies, during public speaking. Feel incomplete without relying on someone else’s opinion. It is necessary to take root within yourself, to understand personal value.

3. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – painful perfectionism, acute experience of their own imperfection. The native feels an inner awkwardness and physical inappropriateness – with difficulty coordinating movements, dropping objects during bouts of anxiety. The study will give the ability to clothe intuitive insights in art, business, science. You need to do yoga, meditation.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – a passion for secrets and mysticism leads to secret special services or a monastery, laboratories, prisons. The native is gifted with a rich imagination, diplomatic talent, telepathy, helping in critical situations. If damaged – forced isolation, perversion, thoughts of suicide. Astrologers advise to live by a river or lake, to go in for water sports.

Significant aspects

Chiron in the 12th house gives a choice: to rush further in the circle of the usual way of life or to spiral into a new round of development. Aspects with other planets show what will help or, conversely, complicate karmic work on oneself. Trine and sextile with Mars are favorable, giving courage to resist fate and determination to act, and square, alas, symbolizes the fight against cruel enemies.

The conjunction with Venus in the natal chart , in addition to a subtle artistic instinct, makes the native a sufferer, reveling in negative experiences. Sextile of Chiron in the 12th house with the Sun encourages to fight for the right to victory in all ways, gives the talent to turn enemies into friends. Tense aspects with Saturn are interpreted as a hermit syndrome who voluntarily chose solitude. Often found in the chart of women who deny marriage, and in the horoscopes of monks.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Chiron in 12th House:


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