What are the interpretations of the Neptune in the 1st house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Neptune in the 1st house

 Neptune is the highest planet of mysticism, romance, empathy and intuition, falling into the 1st house , which is responsible for the appearance and psychology of the individual, endows the native with these qualities beyond measure. With a strong position of the planet, this is a sign of creative genius, with a weak one – a provocateur of schizophrenia and a tendency to drug addiction. Neptune in the 1st house gives birth to a huge fairy-tale world in the soul, more attractive and brighter than the real one. Read more

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 NEPTUNE IN THE ASCENDANT, OR FIRST HOUSE. Neptune is by nature occult, prophetic and spiritual. The Ascendant signifies the body wherein we function and thus by combination of these ideas we find that Neptune on the Ascendant will give a particularly sensitive body capable of feeling the finer vibrations in nature, and according to the aspects which the planet receives, these will be either good, bad or indifferent. If Neptune is strong and well aspected to the Sun, Jupiter or Uranus, we may judge that there is an intensely mystical nature latent in the person. Whether or not it will be developed is, of course, another question depending upon opportunity and environment. 

On the other hand, if Neptune is afflicted, it indicates a very low mentality, perhaps even insanity. In any case the nature is visionary, romantic and generally unpractical, at least from the worldly standard. The prophetic, inspirational and visionary faculties are usually highly developed when Neptune is unafflicted in the First House. There is a love of art and music, a desire for luxury and whatever gives power and tone to life. But when Neptune is afflicted in the First House the nature is indolent, procrastinating and changeable; perverted tastes and desires come to the front and impel to acts of indiscretion which may bring grave consequences. There is indication of prostitution of the spiritual faculties; a deceptive, dishonest disposition, also a tendency to mediumship and spirit obsession.

Max Heindel

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Neptune in the First House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential manifests through innate psychic gifts and a sensitive, gentle and intuitive personality. Your visionary and idealistic trend of mind draws inspiration from dreams, contemplation, meditation and powerful emotions.

At times you will experience weird feelings, thoughts and emotions - a mediumistic ability allows you to either consciously or unconsciously take on the conditions of your immediate surroundings and tune in to those with whom you come in contact. You are likely to be attracted to peculiar people, psychic centres and mysterious, strange places. You are artistic, very romantic and have a love for beauty in form, colour and sound. On occasion you can be weak, indolent, confused, impractical and dreamy.
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