What are the interpretations of the Neptune in the 10th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Neptune in the 10th house of the natal chart obscures the scope of the native‚Äôs purpose and does not allow him to focus on the only professional path. A person longs to be useful to society and see recognition of his merits, but has little idea how to do this. 

Trying himself in various fields, he cannot get rid of the thought that this is not what he wants, and moves to a new place of work. Soul throwing drags on, and the native sometimes works as a clerk in the office to earn money, and in dreams sees himself as a stage star or a famous writer. The thirst for glory is inherent in all the owners of the planet in the tenth segment, even applause after participating in an amateur performance or praise from the boss before colleagues makes the owner of Neptune in the 10th house incredibly happy. Read more

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NEPTUNE IN THE TENTH HOUSE, when well aspected indicates one of high aspirations and inspirations, spiritually inclined, who has the ability to rise to leadership, fame and honor, in connection with some mystical society or in scientific research. This position of Neptune also indicates an accident to one of the parents, probably by water, while the person is still a child, but when the planet is well aspected a legacy often accrues.

Neptune in the Tenth house and trine to the Sun or Moon are sure signs of the ability to cultivate the spiritual sight in this life. A number of well-known seers have this aspect.

When Neptune is afflicted in the Tenth House it indicates fraud, deception and dishonesty which in time will bring their reward of sorrow, trouble and scandal.

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Neptune in the Tenth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through your chosen social position in the world. You possess a highly inspirational nature, capable of attaining honour or position through some unique achievement.

Your professional life could be enclosed within a spiritual framework such as ministers, spiritual teachers and psychiatrists or within an institutional environment such as in hospitals, asylums or prisons. On occasion, you will tend to lose direction life and withdraw from work to seek seclusion and direction - possibly as prelude to a change of career.
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