What are the interpretations of the Neptune in the 8th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Neptune in the 8th house

Neptune, governing astral currents and higher matters of consciousness, in the 8th house of death and inheritance, takes a dangerous position, blurring the boundaries between the personal ā€œIā€ and the invisible world of eternity. 

Since childhood, a native is attracted by questions of otherworldly forces, especially what happens to the soul after death, so much so that he decides to try psychotropic substances in order to get over the edge. He can be fanatically carried away by religion, spiritualism, trying to unravel the secrets of his ancestors, especially those who died prematurely. Read more

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NEPTUNE IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE, when well aspected, gives gain through the marriage partner, but not through the ordinary channels of business; it comes in a peculiar manner. This position is also favorable for occult investigation and often enables the person who has it to obtain information at at first hand. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Eighth house it brings a loss by fraud or deception of the marriage partner, financial troubles with estates or corporations and a strange, unusual ending to the life.

Max Heindel

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Neptune in the Eighth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential may manifest through innate psychic abilities and an interest in occult teachings, spiritualism and other mystical subjects. You may gain knowledge through an ability to enter upon the spirit planes - expect some strange psychical and dream experiences. On a more mundane level it is probable that, at times, strange financial situations will cause you worry and confusion. Conversely, you may gain in a peculiar manner through others and possibly through your partner.
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