What are the interpretations of the Neptune in the 11th house of the natal chart? And how does this manifest itself in life?
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Neptune in the 11th house

 The great illusionist Neptune in the 11th house makes it difficult for the native to see clearly who is friend and who is enemy. Despite loyalty, idealism and willingness to give his friend the last shirt, he is faced with deception and betrayal, mistakenly considering envious and sycophants as friends, communicates with eccentrics and outcasts, or suspects everyone of secret plans against him, rushing at people like Don Quixote at windmills. Read more

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NEPTUNE IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE and well aspected shows a person of high spiritual aspirations and the ability to attract others of a similar nature who will be of help to him in realizing his desires, hopes and wishes. When Neptune is afflicted in the Eleventh House it indicates deception and treachery on the part of people who pose as friends; this will bring loss and trouble. Therefore people with this position should be particularly careful whom they cultivate and admit their friendship.

Max Heindel

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Neptune in the Eleventh House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through friendships or group associations working for a humanitarian purpose. Friends may include idealists, mystics, psychics, poets, musicians and stage artists. You are likely to have strange experiences and gains through mediumistic or spiritual people. Conversely, on occasion, you may attract weird, seductive and unstable types of personalities that bring unsavoury and complicated problems into your life.
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