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Lunar nodes in the natal chart (Ascending, Rahu) and (Descending, Ketu)

Astronomically, Lunar Nodes are the points of intersection of the Moon’s orbit with the Ecliptic, or the path along which the Sun moves relative to the stars. These are really unique knots linking together the two main cosmic principles – the solar and the lunar.

The sun is often associated with a monad, a spark of God, a kind of spiritual center of human essence, which travels, reincarnating, from life to life, accumulating some experience in each life. And the Moon can be compared with a material, mortal shell, built of terrestrial matter and playing the role of a temporary abode of the monad – the Sun in this particular life.

In Indian mythology, there is a story about a demon (rakshasa), cut into two parts. The upper part was called Rahu, meaning the dragon’s head, and the lower part was called Ketu (dragon’s tail). The upper part corresponds to the direction towards the North Pole of the Earth, therefore it is also called the North (Ascending) node. The node located on the opposite side is called the South (Downstream) node.

In astrology, these points are indicators of karmic accumulations and spiritual potential. They describe the mission of people and the destination to which they aspire in the current incarnation.

Human life is a movement from the past to the future. The vector of this movement is directed from the South node to the North, from the Descending node to the Ascending one. We can say that the Lunar Nodes symbolize the lunisolar process or the path along which people take possession of the circumstances of the Moon and approache the goal of the Sun. The line (axis) of the Lunar nodes in the horoscope can be compared with the river of life along which each of us floats.

Only the flow of the river here is rather directed from the Ascending Node to the Descending Node, and in order to reach the goal, people need to overcome difficulties to swim against the current, otherwise those who swim with the current are constantly carried back to the South Node, in which everything is so familiar and mastered.

River of life

South, Descending lunar node and its meaning

People begin their journey on Earth not from scratch or from a clean slate. Before their actual incarnation, they passed a certain part of the path and gained experience, which expresses the Descending (South) lunar node.

This experience can be either bitter or positive. In any case, people feel some areas of life more or less mastered, and it is easy for them to do what they are familiar with and are good at. Meanwhile, contact with the themes of the Descending Node and life within its framework is stagnation and movement in the opposite direction. It is necessary to make sure that the experience of past achievements turns into a solid base for future conquests and advancement in life. The past cannot be completely rejected, but one must go forward without looking back all the time.

North, Ascending lunar node and its meaning

The ascending (North) lunar node just shows the most necessary and correct direction of movement in the boat of life. The future can be frightening with its uncertainty, and there is a constant lack of knowledge. Movement towards the goal is often fraught with mistakes and misses, and sometimes the peaks seem unattainable.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to move in the direction of the Ascending Node. This will mean the desire to fulfill the life mission of the current incarnation.

Analysis and interpretation of lunar nodes

Lunar nodes should not be considered separately from other elements of the horoscope. They can enhance or emphasize the general meaning and message inherent in the birth chart. A comprehensive study of the Lunar nodes and the fundamental astrological factors will help to better understand the life patterns and fate of a person, since in this case it is possible to draw parallels between the native’s present existence with the past and future.

Analysis of the position of the Lunar nodes is very important in the study and solution of karmic issues and problems. The sign of the zodiac in which the Descending Node falls will indicate the usual style of behavior and lifestyle of individuals, which are rooted in past incarnations. The ascending lunar node, the astrological house in which it falls, and its sign will prompt the direction in which people need to develop in the current life. Understanding the vector of its development will give them the opportunity to get rid of the problems of the past and fully realize the creative and spiritual potential inherent in them by nature and fate.

Lunar Nodes in Zodiac Signs

Lunar nodes in signs

Ascending (North) node in Aries, Descending (South) node in Libra

The Aries Ascendant has the task of being a leader and a pioneer. The descending node in Libra will persuade these natives to compromise and the behavior of a diplomat, but this is the wrong way. In order to fulfill the destiny, such people cannot look back at others and hope for support from someone else.

The path of such individuals is bright and unique, but it is the path of  loners. They need to develop wrestling qualities, determination and independence. Only the brightest, most personable, energetic, self-confident people can lead the crowd.

Ascending Node in Taurus, Descending Node in Scorpio

The karmic task of people with an ascending node in Taurus is to develop and improve talents and abilities. It will be good if these owners of the horoscope choose an activity related to art. It can be painting, architecture, literature (poetry), singing, etc. The creative nature of work will allow people to develop and grow. Creativity can be applied in nature. These natives may be interested in gardening, animal husbandry, love the land and build houses.

And, on the contrary, if people follos the path of the Descending knot, that is, they do what they are used to, life will become meaningless, and most of the karmic knots will not be able to untie during life. People with a Descending Node in Scorpio should not get carried away with intrigues, undercover games and seek only benefits by interacting with partners. They are encouraged to develop in themselves thoroughness, hard work, honesty, practicality, the ability to enjoy the beauty around them and create harmonious images with their own hands.

Ascending node in Gemini, Descending node in Sagittarius

The mission of people with a Gemini Ascendant is in any intellectual activity. This can be the work of a writer, scientist, translator, journalist, etc. People with such a knot should also develop communication, mediation and business skills, even if it will be difficult for them.

Activities related to teaching, philosophy, religion and travel are undesirable for people with a Descending node in Sagittarius. In this life, it is important to learn on your own, and not to teach others and give advice. It may be found that the peolple’s knowledges are too abstract and cannot be applied to specific problems. In this situation, they need to communicate as much as possible, look for new sources of information, quickly respond to changes in the world around them, applying the skills they have recently learned.

Ascending Node in Cancer, Descending Node in Capricorn

The ascending node in Cancer suggests that in the current incarnation, these owners of the horoscope need to direct their efforts towards creating a family, a comfortable home and a solid rear. Their mission can be to maintain family values, serve the Motherland, and express love for the Fatherland.

The owners of the Descending Node in Capricorn should not devote their lives to work and the realization of high ambitions. They can not distance themselves from others, limiting themselves only to a dry business relationship. By showing gentleness, kindness, caring for people, these people will be able to fully realize their karmic tasks. In business and in life, they will be helped by intuition and the ability to emotionally perceive everything that is happening around them like a child. People who do not limit themselves to the framework of strict instructions and rigid plans, acts spontaneously and trusts the world, will act in accordance with their karmic destiny.

Ascending Node in Leo, Descending Node in Aquarius

People with these nodes should be more attentive to society and the phenomena taking place in it. They need to learn to see the creativity in others, but they cannot dissolve in the crowd, forgetting about the uniqueness of their own personality.

These individuals with an Ascending Node in Leo must discover individuality in themselves and develop those talents and abilities that the Creator has awarded them with. Feeling themselves realized in society and needed by them, these people begin to “shine” for other people: to give joy, to charge with positive, to love, to create for them.

It will be good if people with this node choose for themselves activities related to creativity, stage, teaching and learning, management.

Ascending Node in Virgo, Descending Node in Pisces

People with a Descending Node in Pisces tend to go with the flow and overload themselves with the problems of other people. Meanwhile, they should not be too soft, vulnerable, sensitive and cut off from reality in this life. The ascending node in Virgo requires the development of practicality, high performance, a sober approach to business.

It is advisable to choose for themselves the field of activity that will require the use of intellectual (analytical) abilities. These owners of a horoscope, well aware of their karmic task, can become successful writers, scientists, administrators, doctors, etc.

Libra Ascending Node , Aries Descending Node

These owners of the Descending Node in Aries are used to showing initiative, acting energetically and solving all matters independently. In this incarnation, such people need to abandon this style of behavior, as this can lead to slippage and wasted energy.

They should choose the path dictated by the Ascending Node in Libra, which means behave diplomatically, take into account the opinions of others, look for partners and create trusting and harmonious relationships. The meaning of the life can be associated with business cooperation and marriage.

In addition, Libra is a creative sign, therefore it is favorable for the owner of the horoscope to develop in the field of art.

Ascending Node in  Scorpio, Descending Node in Taurus

The owners of the Descending Node in Taurus are talented, work by the sweat of their brow, love comfort and a stable life full of simple earthly joys. Meanwhile, they need to get away from these karmic developments. Moving along the path of the Ascending Node in Scorpio means not so much working themslevs as directing the efforts of others to achieve their goals.

Such individuals need to develop insight, strong-willed and wrestling qualities in this life. There is no need to be afraid to lose what they have. They need to be able to take risks, because if they invest in a promising business, they can win several times more.

The mission of such people with an Ascending node in Scorpio will correspond to financial, political activities, as well as the work of a detective, criminalist, athlete, and military man.

Ascending Node in  Sagittarius, Descending Node in Gemini

People with a Descending node in Gemini are accustomed to an active lifestyle. They travel a lot, study, communicate. However, in this life they need to become more elevated and develop philosophical thinking. Vanity takes a lot of time and energy, and the solution of the same type of problems does not develop at all.

If such people decide to follow the path of the Ascending Node, then they will be able to avoid many problems: dependence on the opinions of others, getting bogged down in details, lack of independence.

It will be good if these individuals choose teaching or research activities, independently generates progressive ideas and disseminates new philosophical concepts.

Ascending Node in  Capricorn, Descending Node in Cancer

People with an Ascending Node in Capricorn are recommended to cultivate a sense of purpose, hard work and the ability to achieve assigned tasks despite obstacles. The descending knot in Cancer, symbolizing the past achievements, can incline to excessively emotional behavior, isolation on the inner world and personal needs. Meanwhile, they need to get out of the sink, where they feel comfort, coziness and tranquility.

Such people realize their karmic task only when they achieve certain heights in activity, be it politics, science (mathematics), creativity (architecture) or something else.

Ascending Node in  Aquarius, Descending Node in Leo

The owners of the Descending Node in Leo know their worth and know how to demonstrate to the public their merits and talents. Meanwhile, in the current incarnation, such self-centered behavior should be avoided. The ascending node in Aquarius indicates that these individuals need to focus on the people around them, help to understand and accept themselves, and unleash their creative potential.

Such people’s mission is not to isolate themselves and their individuality, but to unite with friends and like-minded people in order to achieve common, humane goals.

They can choose an activity related to people and society: work as a psychologist, sociologist, journalist, writer, etc. They may show interest in unusual, rare specialties (inventor, astrologer, space explorer, test pilot, etc.).

Ascending Node in  Pisces, Descending Node in Virgo

The owners of the Descending Node in Virgo know how to sort everything out, analyze and put in order. Meanwhile, in this life they need to develop completely different qualities: psychology, intuitiveness of the mind, the ability to abstract from details and exist in a situation of uncertainty.

In many situations, rationalism in thinking and ideal, well-thought-out actions can lead to mistakes. People will benefit more if they trust in unexpected insights, use their imagination and show creativity in their work. People with a knot in Pisces can realize themselves in the field of art, as well as in religion, psychology and occult sciences.

Lunar nodes in houses

Lunar nodes in houses

Ascending (Rahu) node in the first house, Descending (Ketu) node in the seventh house

This position of the nodes indicates the need to turn to yourself and your origins. Having cognized themselves, having understood their goals, tasks, desires and motives of behavior, people will be able to fully interact with others and achieve success in partnership.

Often, with this arrangement of nodes, such people experience difficult situations in their personal life. Partners (both marriage and business) are attracted to them for a reason. Communicating, living and working with them, these individuals solve long-standing problems from past incarnations. In this case, they should not change their partners like gloves, choosing a better and more promising person. Changing from within, they change their immediate environment. The kinder, merciful and more spiritual these people become, the more positive and conscious their companion becomes.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the second house, Descending node (Ketu) in the eighth house

With this position of the nodes, people need to be careful when it comes to money, movable property and financial investments. Mistakes made in life will affect the people’s material condition. And vice versa, the more good deeds people do, the more prosperous they will live.

Such individuals with a Descending node in the 8th house do not need to rely on the resources of partners and others. They need to develop their talents and abilities, build up their skills, work hard. This will allow them to gain independence in material terms and avoid the temptation of money.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the third house, Descending node (Ketu) in the ninth house

People with this position of the nodes will find their purpose and place in life if they actively study, get to know and communicate with others. In order to become happy and successful, they do not need to graduate from several universities, undergo a foreign internship, or defend a doctoral dissertation.

The information necessary for life may be the simplest and most accessible, and it is not necessary to look for a Teacher in order to learn how to cope with the simplest tasks in life. The knowledge gained in the process of interacting with the outside world can be applied immediately, in everyday life. This will give the native flexibility, agility and the ability to quickly navigate in difficult life circumstances.

Such people who have done and are doing a lot of good deeds can, completely unexpectedly and free of charge, receive the information they need. As punishment for atrocities, these individuals may be subject to slanders.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the fourth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the tenth house

The node in the 4th house speaks of the need to invest in the family, respect traditional values, and keep in touch with parents and children. It will be good if people resolve the issue of their own housing as early as possible and creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in it. Cooking classes, raising children, organizing a harmonious space are favorable.

These owners of the horoscope should not be ambitious and overly pragmatic. Career aspirations in life will be difficult to realize if such people do not have a strong rear in the form of a family.

In a broader sense, the Ascending Node in the 4th house symbolizes service to the Motherland and love for country. Recognition and success will come to such people if they choose the profession of a historian, military man, politician, etc. and will honestly do their duty.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the fifth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the eleventh house

People with a knot in the 5th house will be able to realize karmic tasks if they devote themselves to any kind of creative, stage, public activity. It is important to devote time to children, to find time for entertainment, favorite activities and sports. The meaning of life lies in activities, from which it becomes joyful and fun in the soul. The positive energy of creative individuals will ignite and inspire other people around them.

Often the owners of the Descending Node in the 11th house are forced to solve problems related to friends and community. To do this, they do not need to look for their location of like-minded people and devote a lot of personal time to them. The more happiness, friendliness and enthusiasm the owners of the horoscope spread around them, the more people they attract to themselves.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the sixth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the twelfth house

The owners of the knots in sixth houses will be faced with the need to work and serve for the good of the people. At the same time, the Ascending Node in the 6th house directly indicates that it is necessary to provide concrete, effective help to others. It is important to be hardworking and efficient at work, and then such people will be able to avoid many problems – mental contradictions, lack of meaning in life, instability and illusions.

In this case, they do not need to engage in self-digging and search for light within themselves. Nor should they sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. People will do the right thing if they choose the path of  practitioners, rationalizers and active workers.

If such people follow the right path and do good deeds, then they are distinguished by good health and can even heal others.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the seventh house, Descending node (Ketu) in the first house

If the node is located in the 7th house of the horoscope, then people need to direct all efforts to the formation of harmonious relations with the marriage partner and the establishment of successful business cooperation. Focusing on the goals, desires and needs of others, they can look at themselves in a new way and overcome their own psychological barriers.

The descending node in the 1st house will indicate that people do not need to spend precious time promoting their ideas, caring for their image and realizing their own ambitions.

Things will go much better if the owners of the horoscope find good partners, set common goals and achieve them in joint work.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the eighth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the second house

People realize karmic tasks, disposing of other people’s financial resources. It is always a risk and a great responsibility, but the faster these people overcome their inner fears, the stronger and more successful they will become. They cannot be content with what they have. Such people need to build up their resources and do so that they increase the influence of the individuals on social processes. Politics and business will be typical areas for realizing karmic potential.

The owners of the horoscope can choose any dangerous activity for themselves, build a career as a military, surgeon, athlete, rescuer, stuntman, etc. These and many other professions teach not to be afraid to look danger in the eye.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the ninth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the third house

A node in the 9th house indicates that the ownerы of a horoscope need to constantly expand their horizons throughout their lives. They should not be confined to the familiar circle of acquaintances. Knowledge of common truths will not provide an opportunity to make a breakthrough. In order to get closer to the life goal, they need to get a higher education, travel as much as possible, engage in creativity (including intellectual), communicate with representatives of various cultures.

A philosophical view of the world and numerous achievements (in science, sports, religion, politics, art, entrepreneurship, etc.) will make it possible to start educational and journalistic activities.

People acting in accordance with their karmic task can experience joy and good fortune while abroad. If they commit serious misconduct, they may face charges and litigation.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the tenth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the fourth house

People with a knot in the 10th house need to find their true calling and realize themselves in the profession. In this case, in life it will turn out to find the desired stability, well-being and joy. They do not need to hide their ambitious aspirations from those around them. The node in the 10th house will reward those who know how to set goals, work hard and try to reach the highest peaks in life.

It often happens that the owners of the horoscope are only concerned with solving problems related to home, family, real estate. Despite the efforts made, the number of questions on these topics is only increasing. In this situation, they need to approach the tasks from the other end. Finding a high goal and hard work in the name of an important mission will help they find people ready to help and support in difficult times.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the eleventh house, Descending node (Ketu) in the fifth house

A knot in the 11th house of a horoscope indicates that people should devote a lot of time to their friends and participation in teamwork. It is an active social life that will be the most correct way to resolve karmic problems.
If these people follow the path of the Descending Node located in the 5th house, then they may encounter difficulties of self-expression and creativity. Relationships with children will be difficult, and hobbies will be short-lived and not bring much joy.

A correctly chosen path will bring pleasant surprises and finds to these individuals, monetary gifts, unexpected patronage, help and generosity of friends.

Ascending node (Rahu) in the twelfth house, Descending node (Ketu) in the sixth house

The owners of a node in the 12th house must find time in life for spiritual practices, charity and creative pursuits. When interacting with others, they need to be kind, gentle, patient, and merciful. This approach will bring a sense of peace of mind, even if they have to periodically face situations of solitude, restrictions and sacrifice in the name of others.
If such people humbly accept fate, with humility overcome life’s difficulties and at the same time willingly and sincerely help their neighbors, then they gain inner harmony and a sense of the correctness of their path.


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