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Stellium in the natal chart

Three or more planets with an orb of conjunction about 6º in one sign of the zodiac, on a 20º segment or border zone of two sectors, is called a stellium. This configuration strengthens the location by making the quality of the sign obvious and recognizable in the native's behavior, and its participants mutually influence each other. The energy mixes and creates the strongest tension in the soul, which requires an exit through practical actions in order not to cause distortion of consciousness.

The inclusion of the stellium through the aspects of a transit or direct planet can give the finest hour, when literally everything contributes to takeoff, but sometimes it spins into an inexorable wheel of fate. Therefore, special attention should be paid to a person to improve in the affairs of the sign where there is a close accumulation of heavenly bodies, especially if there are five or more of them.

The impact of Stellium on fate

The owners of stellium should remember that when it starts working, they have a relatively short period of time when they can fulfill their dreams and show the world their talents. Sometimes these people manage to live a whole life, judging by the concentration of the events taking place, and then a period of stagnation or tranquility comes along with the acquired benefits or lost opportunities. It depends on the level of spiritual development of a person.

If the native wisely disposes of the time of energy accumulation, then the next peak of the manifestation of stellium will raise it even higher, and the unreasonable will finally sink. When the lunar nodes become participants in the configuration, grandiose changes occur at the moment of their return. The house and the sign where the cluster stands will create circumstances for the narrow realization of a person.

There are two types of connections between planets in the stellium:

1. Chain connection in close proximity;

2. Being in one sector without necessarily entering the orbis.

If the Sun is nearby, then the planets are often burned, which makes the native's situation more difficult. The imperative ego comes to the fore. A person does not listen to anyone's advice and flies to the goal like a butterfly to fire. Or the second option – he is afraid to crawl out of the shell of fears and complexes like a blind mole, missing out on brilliant opportunities to demonstrate talents.

Stellium in houses and signs

It is important to pay attention to the element of the sign where the planets have accumulated. It is she who gives the emotional coloring to the native's temperament, and also enhances the effect of the Grand Cross, especially if its tops are in the sectors of the same element. If Stellium is in the 7th house in Aries, then everything in life will revolve around relationships, a passion for rupture of the aorta, the struggle for a place in the sun, and the configuration in the 2nd house in Taurus will give an obsession with money and real estate. In the presence of good aspects, luck accompanies the native, but when burned by the Sun and defeated by malevolent planets, there is a painful need to achieve maximum in the affairs of this house, despite the setbacks and losses. Important nuances to consider:

  • the first planet in the stellium sign sets the tone and circumstances for the development of events, and the last one shows the result, the middle is the source of energy;
  • the higher planets that have been walking in this sector for many years, give bright and unforgettable events, extraordinary experiences and meetings;
  • the strongest member of the cluster will show the tonality of that period of life when the configuration turns on;
  • the imbalance in the qualities of character, health, lifestyle is directly proportional to the number of planets in the conjunction: the more there are, the stronger the imbalance;
  • a positive influence is given by Venus, Jupiter, aggravating the situation – Mars, Saturn, harmonizing or neutral – the Sun, Moon, Mercury.

A multiple connection in the 8th and 12th houses is considered dangerous, since during the transit of malicious planets they give irreversible consequences, however, tracking these moments, you can adjust plans and behavior to avoid misfortune.

Development of Stellium

When a cluster of stars is activated, it is unrealistic to harmonize circumstances. It's like getting into a whirlpool or rip current: you just have to swim with all your might, relying only on yourself. However, having calculated a chart from an astrologer, you can prepare in advance, given the nature of the transit planet.

For example, Mercury can present a bunch of opportunities for intellectual advancement, but Pluto will turn on transformational changes that cannot be called pleasant. To understand what Stellium will bring to the native, it is also important to take into account the dispositor of the sign.

To illustrate: if the figure of aspects is in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is in the 12th house, like the famous coach and writer Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, then it is clear that the tests will be powerful. Stellium is in his 1st house near the Ascendant, which gives the direction of the problem – innate external features, however, how powerfully he transformed this into a victory over restrictions, not without the help of Venus with Mercury in the same configuration, becoming an example for millions.

Owners of a cluster of stars in signs with conventionally complex dispositor planets: Mars , Saturn , Pluto , Neptune , as well as in the presence of Lunar nodes there , need to be especially careful when they are affected by eclipses. This is fraught with depression, outbursts of aggression and violence.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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