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Houses in the natal chart

Houses are of great importance in the natal chart . Actually, a horoscope is considered a horoscope only when all twelve houses are marked in it. If there are no houses, this is no longer a horoscope, but a cosmogram, for the compilation of which only the signs of the Zodiac are used with the constellations of the planets located in them.

For houses in the natal chart, a special calculation of the location of the planets is made for a given geographical latitude and longitude at a certain point in time.

Zodiac signs symbolize the potential that is inherent in a person. How this potential will manifest itself and in what areas of life it will be in demand, the horoscope houses show. It is at home that they give information about how, where and to what extent the characteristic properties of a person will manifest themselves, their capabilities will be revealed and how all this will manifest itself in everyday life. Each house is a certain area of ​​human life, therefore houses show the life of a person in society, what life forces a person to be, show acquired habits, skills, methods, as well as goals that life sets for a person and the methods through which a person will go towards your goal.

The classifications of houses in the natal chart can be grouped according to characteristics, for example, by age:

I, IV, VII and X – childhood houses ,

II, V, VIII and IX – houses of adulthood ,

III, VI, IX and XII – old age houses .

This division can be used when studying the stages of a person's life path and some calendar calculations.

Another division suggests that houses from I to VIII speak about the material side of a person's life, houses from IX to XI – about his moral and spiritual life, and the XII house is that worldly vanity that often takes a lot of place in the life of many of us. But, of course, the main division is that in which a special, completely definite role is recognized for each house.

1 HOUSE – “Point I”

He is responsible for personality, and character is often included here. The planets located in the first house determine a lot both in a person's character and in his destiny. The type of personality and the sequence of some life events depend on which planets occupy the first house and in what order. Corresponds to the sign of Aries, co-owner – Mars.

Main characteristics: appearance, constitution, manners, temperament, character, type of self-expression, self-perception.

<< First House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the first house

2 HOUSE – “Point of Opportunities”

He is responsible for property, income, and types of spending. Material means that a person possesses during his birth through the fate of his parents or that he will have due to his labor activity, consciously acquiring them in one way or another during his life. As well as financial prospects, the possibility of winning the lottery or other games.

Key characteristics: resources, property, income, budget, wealth, cash, sources of income and types of spending.

<< Second House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the second house

3 HOUSE – “Point of communication”

Responsible for a person's relationship with others – relatives, neighbors, close relatives, in short, for the circle of everyday communication. Also, since the third house corresponds to the constellation Gemini, whose co-owner is Mercury, he is responsible for various manifestations of human higher nervous activity (type of perception, range of interests), as well as for business life – short travel, correspondence, etc.

Main characteristics: brothers, sisters, neighbors, buddies, communication, primary and secondary education, short trips, vehicles, letters, papers, intelligence, nervous system.

<< Third House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the third house

4 HOUSE – “Point of Origin”

The fourth house is the foundation on which a person rests and from which his ascent up the social ladder begins. It is here that the foundation for future social victories is laid, which will later find their expression through the 10th house: authority among professionals, prestige and reputation in society.

Main characteristics: family roots, parental home, own home, real estate, homeland, family, father or mother, unconscious, innermost, beginning and end of life. In the female horoscope – sex life.

Houses in the natal chart

<< Fourth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the fourth house

5 HOUSE – “Point of attraction”

Children, art, and all sorts of pleasures, perhaps whims. It corresponds to the constellation Leo, its owner is the Sun ; this is something that “the heart has become attached to”, without which a person cannot imagine himself, as well as those fruits of his labors that he will leave on earth – whether they are physical descendants, works of art or legends about his deeds.

Main characteristics: Love, eroticism, relaxation, entertainment, play, pleasure, children, passion, creativity, art, success, fame.

<< Fifth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the fifth house

6 HOUSE – “Point of Power”

The key concepts for this house are daily (routine) work, job duties, health care. The 6th house combines two themes: work and health. He points out that a comfortable work environment is the key to both physical and mental health.

Main characteristics: service, daily chores, duties, subordinates, pets, well-being, illness, treatment, debts.

<< Sixth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the sixth house

7 HOUSE – “Point You”

Responsible for marriage and for a partner whom a person chooses for himself; a partner can also be a business one. Public relations and unions are also subordinate to this house. Partnership under a voluntary agreement, contract. Legally formalized relationships and unions: legally formalized marriage, church wedding, legal joint
married life, open enemies, competitors, contracts, lawsuits. Its co-owner is Venus .

<< Seventh House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the seventh house

8 HOUSE – “Point of boundaries”

8 the field is called the home of life and death. There is no contradiction here, if we consider that death in the metaphysical plane only means a gate, a transition to a new life. 8 The house is also responsible for the material values ​​and financial affairs of the marriage or business partner.

Key Features: Shared Capital, Inheritance, Insurances, Wills, Notaries, Investigations, Crisis, Transformations, Life Span, Violent Death, Mysteries, Sex, Occult Abilities.

<< Eighth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the eighth house

9 HOUSE – “Point of spirit”

It is the home of intellectual life, religion and travel, especially long-distance travel – for example, abroad. It corresponds to the constellation Sagittarius, its co-owner is Jupiter .

Main characteristics: worldview, philosophical convictions, faith, religion, higher education, long journeys, court cases, authority, social institutions.

<< Ninth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the ninth house

10 HOUSE – “Target point”

Home of professional or social success, career. It corresponds to the constellation Capricorn, and its master is Saturn . The tenth house is one of the most important fields of the natal chart . The top of this house is the highest point in the horoscope. It symbolizes the aspirations and career ambitions of a person, without which he could achieve little in society. This house is responsible for the standard of living. The maximum that a person can achieve in his profession and life.

Main characteristics: career, occupation, professional achievements, success, social status, reputation, awards mother, karma, mother or father.

<< Tenth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the tenth house

11 HOUSE – “Point of sociality”

The eleventh house of the horoscope is responsible for friends and like-minded people. It includes sponsors, patrons of art, patrons, including those from the highest echelons of power. Defenders, advisors, favorites.

Main characteristics: friends, like-minded people, hopes, dreams, ideals, plans, fulfillment of hopes, charity, winnings, patrons, reforms.

<< Eleventh House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the eleventh house

12 HOUSE – “Point of loneliness”

Monasteries, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums and rest homes run along the Twelfth House. Here, isolation from the outside world can be both voluntary and compulsory. In the case of prisons and colonies, a person is forcibly isolated from society. If the native's activities are related to the Twelfth House, then he can work in any closed institutions or secret organizations, or often travel abroad. The work of doctors is also often associated with the home in question, as it is the home of disease.

Main characteristics: secrets, deep memory, solitude, restriction of freedom, hospitals, shelters, prisons, suffering, fears, secret connections, secret enemies, hidden diseases, losses, occult pursuits, karma.

<< Twelfth House in the natal chart

<< Planets in the twelfth house


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