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Natal chart – Astrology Online Calculator

The natal chart is individual birth horoscope. Which is built on the time and place of a person's birth. Such a horoscope describes the karmic fate of a person, as well as the inclinations and possibilities of certain circumstances of the life path. When compiling a natal chart online, an individual cosmogram is determined on which the positions of the planets in the houses and signs of the zodiac at the time of the birth are applied. Further, according to these data, a decoding of the horoscope is deciphered.

Data Entry for the Natal Chart


Date of Birth:

Time of birth:

: (h:min)

Place of birth:


Latitude: ,

House system:

Strength and harmony (Astrodines)

The presented service allows you to perform an online calculation of a natal chart by date of birth with a decryption for free. The individual decoding includes: an ascendant sign (ascendant), planets in houses, planets in the signs of the zodiac, aspects of the planets. The graphic image of individual cosmogram is recorded by all astrological planets at the time of the birth.

When filling out the form, pay attention to the time of birth item, if the time is unknown, leave 12:00, it is specially reserved for an unknown time. If the birth time is exactly 12:00, set it to 12:01. Also, in the place of birth item, you need to select the nearest settlement of your birth, if there is no such point in the list, then enter it in the search bar (the data is taken from the

For a complete and accurate compilation of a horoscope, an accurate knowledge of your time of birth is required, as well as the seasonal GMT/UTC valid at that time. When choosing a settlement, these data are filled in automatically, but we still recommend checking the time zone column.

The online natal chart calculation module contains a similar algorithm with such popular astrological programs as ZET, Stalker, Star, which allows you to accurately calculate astrological data for the entered date of birth with the decoding of the horoscope. Unlike magazine horoscopes, which have recently become widespread, professional astrologers prefer to work with a natal chart, and calculations of an individual comogram are considered the highest class in astrology.

Natal chart - online calculation



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