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Alexandrite – the magical properties of the stone

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone. This stone is one of the varieties of the chrysoberyl mineral with an admixture of chromium. A very hard mineral of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, for example a diamond has a hardness of 10 on the same scale.

Color Changes – Alexandrite Effect

The history of Alexandrite begins in tsarist Russia, and according to one version, this stone was named after Alexander II (1818 – 1881). It was first discovered in the Ural region near the Tokovaya River near Yekaterinburg. The stone is primarily prized for its ruby ​​beauty and unique ability to change color, it can reflect the play of emerald green, red, orange and yellow. This phenomenon is called “Alexandrite Effect” abroad.

Healing and magical properties of the stone

The Alexandrite stone is associated with self-control and discipline. The metaphysical properties of the stone enhance concentration and improve learning ability. The talisman of this stone awakens the desire for perfection, self-confidence and clear subtle thinking.
It is believed that Alexandrite brings happiness, love and good luck to its owner. This mineral unites the physical and spiritual worlds. It restores and strengthens the work of the Heart (Anahata) chakra of a person due to warm healing energy. Which in turn improves your perception of love and joy.
Alexandrite also enhances creativity, imagination and intuition, and this in turn attracts wealth and connections.

Alexandrite is a real sorcerer among mineral stones, it can change color under the same illumination, which is difficult to explain scientifically. Magicians, Psychics and Parapsychologists believe that the stone senses the mood of its owner and changes its color palette, depending on the mood, or in order to warn of danger. They also use it to increase concentration.

Alexanrit effect

Alexandrite for the signs of the zodiac

In astrology, it is believed that this stone is best suited for Taurus , Capricorn and Sagittarius . Well suited for Gemini and Scorpio.

Undoubtedly, Alexandrite belongs to expensive precious stones, its cost can vary in the range from 5 to 30 thousand $ per 1 carat – this is a “stone of strong people”.


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