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Diamond (Diamond) – magical and healing properties of the stone

Diamond (Diamond)The most beautiful and expensive gemstone is undoubtedly the diamond and the cut diamond. The unique qualities of this mineral are considered to be extraordinary strength, unique luster and transparency.

The fact that diamonds have magical properties has been known since antiquity. Diamonds were very much appreciated by noble and dignitaries, they cherished them like the apple of their eye and passed them down. It was believed that the stone endowed its owner with power and strength, saved from harm and bestowed the favor of higher powers.

For the first time, diamonds were mined in India. Their name is mentioned several millennia BC in the Vedas, which are one of the oldest scriptures in the world. Today, diamond deposits are known in Brazil, Australia, Africa and Russia. A diamond that has undergone jewelry processing is called a diamond.

The magical properties of the stone

Diamond has always been considered a stone of strong, decisive and worthy people in all respects. Not everyone could wear this stone. Most of all, he is suitable for royalty and persons with inner greatness, who are generous, skillfully use their power and bestow others with good. People with a bad conscience and bad intentions cannot wear a stone. Its light energy will nullify their efforts. Unflattering actions and bad intentions will soon become known to others and sooner or later will deserve censure and punishment.

Today, diamonds have become more accessible to the general public, and the secrets of their magical effects will not hurt everyone to know. Let’s list briefly the magic properties of diamonds.

Diamond (Diamond)

Diamonds make men more resolute and noble, they strive for creation, successfully realize themselves in any activity and easily achieve financial well-being. Diamonds endow women with refinement, grace and refinement of manners.

Diamond increases the attractiveness of a person and improves his relationship with the opposite sex. The stone awakens passion and sensuality. Thanks to him, the owner feels a delicate connection with a loved one, and mutual understanding and harmony is observed in relations with people around him.

The mineral symbolizes abundance and wealth, but we can talk not only about material goods, but also about spiritual ones. He seems to say that to a generous and generous person all his good deeds will be rewarded a hundredfold. The stone protects those who do charity work.

Wearing a diamond enhances creativity and ability. A person has hidden talents; long-awaited inspiration and desire to create comes to him. Imagination gives many wonderful and beautiful images that the artist wants to show the world.

Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

One of the secrets of a diamond is its healing properties. Lithotherapy, one of the areas of alternative medicine, advises the use of this miraculous mineral in the following cases.

Diamond improves the condition of the cardiovascular system, so those who have heart problems should give preference to this stone. In this case, the setting of the diamond should be gold, since the energy of the precious metal will enter into a favorable resonance with the stone and will act together with it healing. In order to enhance the healing effect of the diamond on the heart and blood vessels, it must be worn in the form of an amulet as close as possible to the heart center (for example, on a chain or as part of a necklace).

Wearing a diamond ring on one of the fingers makes thinking clear, protects a person from depression, and prevents nervous and mental problems.

In addition, the diamond helps to enhance physical beauty and improve human health. It bestows a blooming appearance, excellent health, good vitality and longevity.

Diamond (Diamond)

Who is the Diamond (Diamond) suitable for?

There are several opinions as to which zodiac signs are best suited for a diamond. The fact is that the diamond originally symbolized the solar principle, which contains purity, energy, strength, generosity, high spirituality and care for all living things. In this regard, of course, the stone is associated with the element of Fire, that is, the representatives of the zodiac signs Aries , Leo and Sagittarius best perceive the energy of diamond and organically use it in their activities.

But what should be done to people whose solar principle in the horoscope is not so pronounced? Wearing jewelry with diamonds can be of great benefit to people with a weak Sun in the natal chart (horoscope) – Libra and Aquarius . The diamond will strengthen their immunity, charge them with energy, and allow them to manifest volitional qualities and creative energy.

It should be noted that the Sun is present in the natal chart of every person, so diamonds are suitable for all people who need their help and healing properties. People with the Sun in Libra are recommended to use pink diamonds, Aquarius and Capricorns should choose blue diamonds, Cancer and Pisces should use light blue and silver stones, Gemini – light green, etc.

A properly selected diamond jewelry will become a talisman and amulet for its owner , thanks to which he will feel the atmosphere of luck, realize the talents inherent in nature and will successfully move towards the goal.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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