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Influence of the Moon phases on hair

Women are proud of their long hair and do their best to give it a well-groomed look. The health and good growth of hair is influenced not only by special masks, products and a healthy diet, but also by the right day for a haircut. The lunar hair care calendar will help you enhance the effect of cosmetic and medical procedures.

A new successful haircut or styling can cheer up any woman. But before scheduling a visit to the hairdresser, it is worth looking into the lunar calendar. He will tell you which days are best to cut or shorten your bangs.

Influence of the Moon phases on hair

Scientists have proven that the phases of the moon affect the rate of hair growth. Therefore, a haircut on a certain day can speed up or slow it down. There are days when a visit to the hairdresser is highly undesirable. It can cause dandruff or hair loss. To avoid such problems, it is worth watching the lunar hair care calendar more often. The main phases of the moon:
lunar hair care calendar

New Moon . It is undesirable to have a haircut during this period. Also, do not perm and dye your hair.

• The growing moon . At this time, a visit to the hairdresser will be successful, the haircut will accelerate hair growth. All cosmetic procedures will give your hair a neat and well-groomed look.

• It is not worth visiting beauty salons on a full moon .

• The waning moon phase is a neutral period for haircuts and other procedures.

Favorable and unfavorable days for a haircut

The most suitable days for hairdressing events are the days of Libra , Virgo and Leo . You should not get a haircut on the days of Cancer and Pisces . If your hair is not very thick, it is better to get a haircut on Leo days. The troubles associated with hair loss and brittleness are caused not only by the lunar cycle , but also by health problems: hormonal changes, side effects from taking medications or nervous stress.

A haircut made in the days of the Virgin will retain its original appearance longer, and the curls after a perm carried out on these days will be obedient and neat.

Hairdressing on Pisces days can cause dandruff, and cutting on Cancer days will make your hair look too fluffy and shaggy.

A lunar hair care calendar is necessary for every woman, since a beautiful hairstyle and healthy curls are very important.


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