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Welcome to our website Geocult – Astrological Diary. The world around us that we are accustomed to seeing around us: when we go to work, we ride in public transport – only a small fraction, a part of the universe around us.

Inseparable from the physical universe, there is a subtle world of the unknown, with which we constantly contact and often do not even realize it. When we go to bed, our subconscious mind opens the doors to this world of the unknown, science still cannot explain where we spend a third of our lives. To get closer to solving the invisible world, you need to understand that the physical and subtle worlds are closely intertwined and this is reflected in all aspects of the life of all living people on the planet.

Astrology is the most ancient teaching that we inherited from our ancestors, it allows us to slightly open the veil of secrecy, to more deeply understand our essence and the world around us, to see signals from a subtle unknown world.

Natal chart

NatalThe natal chart is your individual horoscope, the matrix of all past and future events. The star snapshot of your birth, like the DNA of a living cell, contains a treasure trove of valuable information that is waiting to be deciphered. All methods of predictive astrology are built around the natal chart.

Calculation of strength and harmony in the natal chart
Money and Wealth in the horoscope (Natal chart)
Method of parsing the natal chart
Ascendant in the natal chart The
ruler of the natal chart
Pars Fortune in the cosmogram Purposes of the
personality of the
House in the natal chart
Relocation of the natal chart
Synastry – compatibility according to the natal chart

Predictive Astrology

Predictive astrology or predictive astrology is of the greatest interest to many people, since it can give them an answer to the question – what events can be expected and when? The basis for forecasts is the natal chart – it contains all the potential events. The basic rule is not to predict what is not in the natal chart.

For forecasts, use: Transits , Progressions , Directorates , Solyars (Solar Returns), Lunars.

Transits. Online calculation of the
Directorate. Online calculation of
Progression. Online calculation
Solar. Online calculation of the
Planet now. Online calculation of the
Planetary Clock. Online calculation

Moon Astrology

Our ancestors used the lunar calendar in everyday life, and this is not surprising because they lived in harmony with nature. All organisms living on our planet are affected by the lunar cycle.

There is a theory that it was thanks to the Moon that the first organisms appeared on Earth, it was a catalyst in the seething cauldron of primitive life.

Lunar cycle
Moon phases
Description of lunar days
Characteristics of lunar days
Influence of the moon phase on a person
Moon in the signs of the zodiac
Lunar calendar for hair cutting Hair
cutting according to moon phases
Lunar birthday
Lunar birthday and moon phase
Conception according
to the
lunar calendar Planning a child according to the Moon Lunar health
calendar Lunar calendar landing
Black Moon Lilith
Lilith in the signs of the zodiac
Moon and money
Lunar diet
Teeth treatment on the Moon
Lunar calendar – Online
Lunar calendar haircuts
Lunar birthday – Online
Lunar landing calendar

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a very ancient science, some of whose works were available to the public only at the beginning of the 20th century. Feng Shui or Chinese metaphysics as it is also called – practices harmony and balance with the energy of Chi, which permeates our entire universe.

History of Feng Shui
Different Schools of Feng Shui
Why Feng Shui Works?
Intuitive Feng Shui
Qi Energy
Yin Yang Philosophy
Ba Gua Trigrams
Feng Shui Zones in an Apartment
What is a Gua Number?
Calculate the number of gua online
Feng shui correction tools Feng shui
wish card
Raising money in feng shui
Chinese coins
Activating the career sector
Activating the knowledge
sector Activating the family sector Feng shui
wealth zone
Feng shui love zone Feng shui bedrooms Feng shui
Elephants Feng Shui
Peonies Feng Shui
Toad Feng Shui
Turtle Feng Shui
Feng Shui manicure

Eastern Astrology

Eastern, or also called the Chinese horoscope, is considered very popular in Western and Eastern culture. According to legend, the Buddha himself took part in the creation of this horoscope, guided by the laws of the universe.

Eastern horoscope
Table of the years of the Chinese horoscope Sign
Ascendant in signs
Animal ruling the day
Oriental signs by months
Chinese horoscope – online

Western Astrology

Western Astrology is the successor to the Babylonian astrological system, dating back to the 1st century AD. Its basic principles have not undergone major changes at the present time. It is generally accepted that Western astrology belongs to the European world, but in fact, the Islamic world made a great contribution to it when it saved it during the Middle Ages.

Compatibility of zodiac signs
Date by horoscope
Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac


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