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Stones by zodiac signs

Natural minerals fascinate us not only with their beauty, but also with amazing qualities. Since ancient times, there has been a belief in their miraculous ability to protect people from misfortunes and illnesses, bring good luck and wealth, and inspire creativity.

The stone is full of secrets. It can become a powerful talisman for its owner, or it can do harm. Everything will be fine if, during the selection process, you do not forget about a few simple rules when choosing your talisman stone by your zodiac sign.

How to find your talisman

According to astrologers, the magical properties of natural minerals depend on the position of the Sun, Moon and planets in the zodiacal constellations.

The stone of this or that sign of the Zodiac receives the vibrations of this sign from space and, thereby, accumulates powerful energy in itself. That is why even in ancient times there was a tradition to select jewelry depending on the date of birth. If the talisman stone is selected according to the horoscope, then it exhibits the following qualities:
Stones mascots by zodiac signs

  • makes the owner invulnerable to negative energies;
  • strengthens its immunity, protects against diseases;
  • gives strength and activity, enhances the taste for life;
  • develops innate abilities and best character traits;
  • attracts wealth and luck to the owner;
  • colors his personal life with new colors;
  • sharpens sensitivity to danger.

In the Middle Ages, the first lists of the belonging of precious and semiprecious stones to the zodiacal constellations were compiled. It should be noted that the knowledge of ancestors was appreciated today by the International Association of Jewelers. This organization has developed modern spreadsheets based on centuries of experience.

Correspondence table of mascot stones to the signs of the zodiac

Aries zodiac signAries stones
(march 21 – april 20)
Taurus zodiac signTaurus Stones
(April 21 – May 21)
Gemini zodiac signGemini Stones
(May 22 – June 21)
Cancer zodiac signCancer Stones
(June 22 – July 23)
Leo zodiac signLeo Stones
(July 24 – August 23)
Virgo zodiac signVirgo stones
(august 24 – september 23)
Libra, the zodiac signLibra stones
(september 24 – october 23)
Scorpio zodiac signScorpio stones
(october 24 – november 22)
Sagittarius zodiac signSagittarius stones
(november 23 – december 21)
Capricorn zodiac signCapricorn stones
(December 22 – January 20)
Aquarius zodiac signAquarius stones
(january 21 – february 19)
Pisces zodiac signPisces Stones
(February 20 – March 20)

Acquaintance with the tables of correspondence of stones to the signs of the Zodiac helps to understand which stone will become a friend and protector, and which one will become an enemy.

The role of intuition in choosing a talisman mineral

The inner voice plays no less important role than the recommendations of astrologers and jewelers. It also happens. A gorgeous gemstone that matches your zodiac sign . The people around him are delighted. But you don't like him. Do not buy! This is not your amulet!

For a stone to become a talisman, you must love it.

Price and prestige do not matter here. Sincere affection can be experienced not only for jewelry. A modest man-made product, even a piece of mineral found on a beach or roadside, can become a talisman for life. The main thing is that there must be contact between you and the stone, and priority according to the zodiac sign is not so important. But if, you are lost in the sea of ​​information, then the first choice should be made according to the table of correspondence of stones according to horoscope signs.

How to avoid harm

  • The wrong choice immediately makes itself felt. A person is haunted by a feeling of discomfort and mental anxiety. He feels a lack of energy and an inexplicable antipathy to even the most expensive and exquisite jewelry. To avoid more serious consequences, you should quickly part with an unsuitable stone.
  • Do not buy jewelry from pawnshops and thrift stores. The jewelry may have been stolen. In this case, they will take revenge on their new owner.
  • Acquire stones with defects in the form of spots, cracks, inclusions. They harbor negative energy.
  • An unexpected crack on a natural mineral indicates that he took a hit on himself, protecting the owner from an invisible disaster. You can no longer wear it.
  • If the ring slips off your finger, the beads are scattered, it means that the jewelry was chosen incorrectly and should be discarded.
  • Stones can be at enmity with each other. Do not wear several different minerals at the same time.

Stones mascots by zodiac signsHuman nature changes with age and life circumstances. It is possible that at some point you will want to give preference to a new stone for a talisman, and you will again choose it according to your zodiac sign. This is the natural course of life. You can endlessly discover the world of natural minerals. Its study gives a person not only new knowledge and vivid aesthetic experiences, but also contributes to the spiritual enrichment of the individual.


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