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Feng shui bedrooms

Feng Shui of the bedroom is considered a very important point in organizing the harmonious space of an apartment or house. Since a person spends a third of his life in a dream, therefore, his future life depends on how he rests and recharges himself with new energy. In this connection, the location of the Feng Shui bed should be taken seriously.

Bedroom interior and color

A Feng Shui bedroom must be done in Yin (calm) colors, respectively, all muted, not bright colors in the color scheme of the bedroom are welcome. The interior of the furniture should be without sharp corners with rounded shapes. Curtains should harmoniously fit into the surrounding style of the overall interior of the bedroom, and should not be of yang (bright) tones. Mirrors are also not welcome in the bedroom.

Feng Shui of the bedroom allows only a bright design of the bed – to activate the intimate area. For example, bright red pastel linen with hearts will create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Feng Shui also does not recommend placing any yang energy sources, televisions, tape recorders, etc. in the bedroom.

An ideal feng shui bedroom is a separate room located in a quiet, remote part of a house or apartment, in which you can rest comfortably, even when all household members are at home and are busy with vigorous activities. Minimalism is used as furniture – a bed, a chest of drawers and two bedside tables.

Bed location

Correct location of the bed in feng shui

Correct feng shui placement

Many people ask themselves how to correctly position the headboard according to Feng Shui. On this score, there is a lot of information on the Internet that mostly confuses novice practitioners. And not without reason, after all, classical feng shui recommends placing the head of the bed according to the number of Gua , and the school of Flying Stars according to the stars, and how can you not get confused here. Let's put everything on the shelves and get rid of this ambiguity with the headboard according to Feng Shui.

Basic rules for the location of the Feng Shui bed:

Feng shui bedrooms1. The bed should be positioned so that its head rests on the main wall of the room and your feet do not look out the door. It is not recommended that the headboard looks out the window, or the bed is located under a load-bearing beam. This is the main and most important rule of feng shui in the bedroom.

2. The bed must have a two-sided approach, that is, Feng Shui does not approve of when the bed is propped with one side against the wall.

Feng Shui bed layout3. The bed should not be located on the draft line between the door and the window.

3. Position the head of the bed according to your Gua number, which you can calculate with our calculator . But remember that the direction of the bed should not break, the first basic rule of feng shui.

4. There are situations when it is impossible to install the head of the bed in the bedroom in your favorable direction according to the Gua number , in such a situation you need to try to support yourself or a member of your family with favorable feng shui in other areas of the house or apartment.


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