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How to attract money in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui - how to attract moneyMany people ask the same questions: how to raise money in Feng Shui? How to get rich? Why is it easy for one person to get it? Let’s try to highlight this problem from the point of view of Feng Shui. Of course, the Chinese metaphysics of feng shui does not seek to become the last resort in attracting monetary energy – but it can give good advice and look at this problem from a wider perspective.

According to feng shui, money is not just a valuable piece of paper printed by a bank of a certain country, first of all it is money energy. You’ve probably ever noticed that money literally falls from the sky to some people, and they don’t do anything to attract them, but you haven’t even heard of Feng Shui. The fact is that according to Feng Shui, you and I are also a set of certain types of energy – Human QI. And that’s why some people just love money.

If you do not consider yourself one of those lucky ones, then you will be interested in how you can attract money with the help of Feng Shui. The main problem of lack of money, first of all, must be sought within ourselves, as already mentioned above, we are something other than a walking “Human QI”, and we ourselves, without realizing it, can block money energy, or we are in conflict with it. In order to understand this, we need to look deeply inside ourselves and understand what could be the reason, and there can be many of them, up to generic karma. In the latter case, we will not be able to particularly influence the situation, but with the help of Feng Shui we can mitigate this influence and attract material values ​​so that money can flow.

We figured out the first influence, now let’s move on to the next important one, on which we can have a direct effect, in fact, this is the feng shui of the house, the surrounding space. With the help of which we will attract money, that is, money energy.

Impact of bad feng shui at home on monetary energy

feng shui for moneyThe first step is to eliminate the negative factors of bad feng shui in the house, which block the flow of monetary energy.

1. Pay attention to the front door of your house, if it creaks, be sure to grease it. It should open and close freely. The creak of a door in Feng Shui can be compared to that you went fishing with a loudly turned on tape recorder on your shoulder, it is clear that you will not catch a fish.

2. There should be enough light in the hallway of your house. If there are burned out bulbs, do not hesitate, replace them as soon as possible. The bright light in the hallway attracts the Chi energy, and with it the monetary energy.

3. Check your pipes for leaks, they must be dry. Indeed, along with the smudges, money energy can also flow away.

If you have at least one of the above negative factors at home, it will be problematic to raise money using feng shui, so be sure to eliminate them.

Pay your attention to the Southeast sector, it is he who is responsible for the wealth and prosperity in your home. If there are debris there, clear them up and put everything in order; to activate the wealth sector, read the article at the link.

Monetary energy feng shuiAnother strong factor that has a strong impact on all areas of feng shui, and therefore on the wealth sector, is the central health sector in your home. This sector is located in the middle, see the Lo-SHU square. There should be no blockages and other negative factors in the Central Sector.

So we answered the question: how to raise money in Feng Shui . As you probably already understood that we can only influence the monetary energy by changing the interior and the surrounding space. But what about our inner feng shui? And here we can also exert influence with the help of our GUA number . And if you want to delve into the study of Feng Shui in more detail, then you should turn your gaze towards Ba Tzu – this is aerobatics in Chinese metaphysics.


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