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Pars of Fortune in the natal chart

If there is such a person who has never thought about where to look for the cause of failure, what is the life vocation, how to improve social status and prosperity. All answers to these burning questions are contained in a personal horoscope .

In astrology, there is such a thing as Lots (Points) or Parsis. The Pars (Wheel) of Fortune represents success and lack of problems. Its other name is the Point of Happiness. Although many astrologers have tried to define this particular point in the horoscope, no published work has yet been able to clearly define the exact meaning of this most important area of ​​the natal chart.

People who experience ups and downs, serious trials and misfortunes are supported by a ray of hope, indicating a successful outcome of their fate. When the current circumstances of life are against them, they know better days are ahead. On these better days, when such people feel more joy in themselves, they can feel that their thoughts, emotions and activities bring them closer to the goal, which represents the sincere aspiration of the Soul.

In addition to passing needs, such individuals have an internal structure of their aspirations. It is a structure of ideals that teaches them the difference between right and wrong. When peopel go beyond this structure, they lose the sense of right and wrong; while remaining in it, it is easier for them to understand that everything that leads to ideals is right, and everything that distracts from them is wrong. Thus, the concept of right and wrong for them is less a product of the moral of the society in which they live, than a means by which they can recognize those elusive ideals that they have defined for themselves as their own special goal. Achieving these ideals will bring joy to their lives. We are all not so tired or old that we do not believe in fairy tales or the presence of God, hope for the ultimate good or some distant dream just beyond the horizon of the imagination. It is this elusive sense of hope that gives us not only an interest in life and a desire to achieve something beyond the current achievements, but also a powerful faith in an optimistic outcome of our future destiny.

All of us by nature know that somewhere there is a “pot of gold” waiting for us at the end of our own rainbow. To reach it, we are ready to go through the storms of life, from which we emerge “the captain of our ship.”

In astrological language, this “pot of gold” is known as the Pars of Fortune. Through the expression of this point on the map, people feel at home and feel their right niche in life. The Pars of Fortune is also the point whereby people feel rooted in the center of their existence.

It can sometimes take a lifetime to achieve life goals and ideals. Those fortunate enough to reach this golden vibration early enough in life will have to go through a lot of struggles in a compressed, relatively short period of time. Therefore, it becomes clear that the Pars of Fortune works better for a person in the second half of life than in adolescence.

The Pars of Fortune has no material nature. This point is determined by calculation from the coordinates of the Sun , Moon and the ascendant and horoscope is indicated: pars_fortune1. If we consider the Ascendant as the character and type of initiative of the born, the Sun as a symbol of gold, and the Moon as a symbol of silver, then it is not very difficult to reveal the symbolism of the combination of these three factors. “Pars of Fortune” is literally a part of the state, wealth. In this context, the Pars of Fortune symbolizes the nature of people’s wealth, in their individual value system.

The Pars of Fortune, like the planet Jupiter , promises abundance. However, it covers a much larger part of human existence than any particular planet . The Part of Fortune attunes the individuals to the environment in which prosperity will be most natural for them, and determines for such people what thier unique and special concept of success will be. It also reveals people’s most powerful needs by identifying the key note that resonates throughout their being.

All individuals have an ego and an ego ideal. The simplest way to define the ego is to say that this is what they think of themseleves. At the same time, thier ego ideal consists of thoughts representing everything they would like to be, but which they have not yet become. Thus, the ego ideal is always much larger than the real ego in terms of a person’s dreams of fulfillment. As a result, when people look at themselves, they simultaneously sees both their ego ideal (everything that they would like to be) and their ego (knowledge of everything that they reallyare). They often see a huge discrepancy between the two. This discrepancy prompts them to reach for what is now beyond the limits of the possible.

The Pars of Fortune is the greatest reward

The Parse of Fortune symbolizes the greatest reward that a person can receive. Therefore, it becomes a very important and sensitive point of the horoscope through which the entire chart can be interpreted.

Then one can understand the ways in which planetary energies can be used to place a person on the path of wonderful perspective. In this case, all obstacles, conflicts and tense situations that appear in the map can be viewed as a tool or a path made of stones to achieve that single goal that will bring a person the greatest joy.

At the same time, the horoscope acquires a broader perspective. Instead of focusing on a particular problem or conflict, it draws attention to that particular point in the chart where a person can find the greatest expression of joy. As a result, a person can learn how to use all planetary energies by focusing them on the sphere of the greatest aspiration of the Soul. As a focal point, the Parse of Fortune helps a person look beyond what the lower (or specific) mind perceives and create the right perspective for the higher (or intuitive) mind to unfold. This opening allows the highest ideals and goals to emerge, providing an expression of the true essence of the Soul. The spiral is twisted both inward and outward.

Part of the Impartial Consciousness

The exact degree and sign, opposite to the Part of Fortune, through which each of us experiences a part of the universal reality, is called a Part of Impartial Consciousness. When such individuals gratify their Part of Impartial Consciousness, the support and help received from this area of ​​the card becomes very abundant. Not only does it begin to remove obstacles that would otherwise stand in the way of experiencing the significant benefits of the Piece of Fortune, but it actually gives the right sense of perspective through which a person can experience greater personal joy. At the same time, it allows to understand that a person is an integral part of the cosmic whole.

Whether a person views God as some distant, hazy deity or as the sum total of perceived cosmic reality, it doesn’t really matter here. What really matters is that the individual’s personal sense of good luck and joy is impossible without a sense of the assistance of some higher power. Whether this higher power is something limitless that a person believes in, or a source of a perfectly balanced universe, or simply something that attunes a person to natural forces beyond the control, there is no doubt that in recognizing and interacting with this power, fraught the full potential of testing the greatest happiness.

In many ways, life is a double-edged sword. A person almost always judges others by their actions, and himself – by his ideals. Part of Fortune is the point where a person can find their ideals and fulfill them, uniting with everything that presents a unique perspective in their life.

Part of the Impartial Consciousness is the point where people should try to be impartial while observing the actions of others. After all, such people inclined to judge the essence of these actions. In reality, they judge themeslves in those areas where they cannot understand the ideals of others, but see only a reflection of a part of humanity. If perceived negatively, this can deprive them of their sense of joy.

As a result, it becomes important that each person understands which parts of life are impersonal and, perhaps, have nothing to do with the central essence of the direction, and which constitute its essence. Part of Fortune and Part of Impartial Consciousness help to sort this out. To keep the life centered, people must realize that they should only deal with their karma.

After some effort in this direction, people begin to achieve certain positive results in changing the vibration that directs their lives. Most of the negative karma comes from judging others in some way. Even if people keep such thoughts to themselves, they still control the speed of their vibration, thier aura, their personality and the main effects they experience in trying to createtheir experience. Once they learn to be impartial and have a compassionate understanding of what usually annoyed them, they will be freed from all forces that oppose their feelings of joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

Pars of Fortune and horizon cards

The Pars of Fortune acts in different ways when it appears in different hemispheres of the natal chart.

When the Pars of Fortune is below the horizon, the gift of satisfaction for people is bestowal. They achieve the greatest joy by whatever they give to others. The more people can give, the more satisfaction they can experience.

When the Pars of Fortune is in the upper hemisphere, people are destined to receive some benefit from others. Viewed from a karmic point of view, their souls undoubtedly deserved it through previous lifetimes of service. Such people intending to receive future rewards are earning them now through the Pars of Fortune in the lower hemisphere. It clearly shows whether they are sowing or reaping the fruits of karma in the current life. These people with a Pars of Fortune in the lower hemisphere are sowing the seeds of love now in order to receive it in the future. There is no greater joy than that which they experience as a result of bestowal.  These individuals who have the Pars of Fortune in the upper hemisphere are now reaping the fruits of karma, reaping the harvest of everything that has been planted in the past. To receive it with humility and gratitude is to be truly worthy of this gift.

The fastest way to calculate the Pars Fortune point is to use the online natal chart . On the cosmogram, it will look like this:

If people know their Pars of Fortune, they receive the key to the most important secrets of being – the sources from where money and other life benefits can come. But not everything is so cloudless. There is a unique scenario for each individual. With the unfavorable aspects of the Planets, the negative qualities of the personality increase, there are obstacles on the way to success.

Pars (Wheel) of Fortune in Zodiac Signs


Pars of Fortune in the sign of Aries

Its purpose is to be the creator of new social and cultural phenomena. Initiative, decisiveness – these qualities will allow people to overcome all obstacles. Such people only need to accurately determinetheir goal and have a great desire to achieve it.

Suitable fields of activity: army, security forces, medicine, hot shops, sale of meat products. Brilliant results can be achieved in public service, in political and administrative activities, sports, and scientific work.

With unfavorable aspects, the path to success is complicated by impatience, irritability, voluptuousness, and a tendency to violence.

Description of Pars of Fortune in Aries (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Taurus

For Fortune to be favored, such people must put spiritual values ​​above material wealth. Be purposeful, honest, kind, charming.

Such a Pars deigns to become a prominent figure in the world of music, architecture, design, sports. Its other elements are banks and stock exchanges, agriculture. Among the representatives you can find wonderful cooks, tailors, jewelers. The sources of prosperity are the gifts of relatives, women, patrons of the arts.

Negative connections awaken laziness, stubbornness, outbursts of envy, and inert thinking.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Taurus (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Gemini

Their luck is based on a combination of intelligence and intuition, wild imagination and innovative spirit, curiosity and sociability. Emotions must be contained. To get ahead, these people need to be great orators.

Activities related to various industries: space, nuclear industry, electronics, bear excellent fruits. Owners of this Pars can prove themselves as translators, guides, librarians, sales agents, veterinarians, publishers.

Damage to the Planets will require considerable restrictions. There is a need to  build relations with family members and colleagues, to overcome wastefulness, frivolity, optionality, not to dissipate the strength over trifles.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Gemini (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Cancer

It is generally accepted that mental softness interferes with a career, but this does not apply to such people. The Pars of Fortune is supportive of the wards of such a connection – even their shyness evokes sympathy among others.

In their youth, these people can derive a decent income from foreign travel, but stable prosperity awaits them only at home. They reach dazzling heights in the free creative professions. Their talents are revealed in poetry, music, anthropology, geography, foreign languages, psychoanalysis.

Because of the damaged Planets, one should be wary of external influences and one’s own spiritual contradictions, mood swings, inactivity.

Description of Pars of Fortune in Cancer (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Leo

The secret of prosperity lies in strong will, ambition and efficiency.

When engaged in political, diplomatic, lecturing or teaching activities, they can achieve recognition through artistry, persuasive and emotional speech. The wards of this compound are outstanding doctors, jewelers, glass-blowers. “All doors” are open for them in the world of art – stage, circus, cinema, theater.

Fortune generously gives sources of “unearned” income: inheritance, sponsorship, patronage. They are lucky in gambling, lottery.

Against the background of the affected aspects, a career is ruined by arrogance, imperiousness, aggressiveness, casual relationships, an unrestrained craving for glamor and prodigality.

Description of Pars of Fortune in Leo (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Virgo

The Wheel of Fortune favors healthy ambition and pragmatism. An analytical mind, conscientiousness, self-control are prerequisites for career growth.

The preferred type of activity is intellectual work, especially in the field of philosophy, religion, philology, occultism, applied sciences. Wards of the Sign are successful businessmen, administrators, accountants. They excel in technical specialties, arts and crafts, pedagogy.

The damage to the Planets increases – skepticism, duplicity, a tendency to flattery, whims, a tendency to appropriate the results of someone else’s labor.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Virgo (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Libra

To find success, these peopel need to maintain spiritual harmony. They need to cultivate traits such as decency, justice, mercy.

Wards of the Sign are “lucky” to have business partners. Business negotiations, litigation, as a rule, are resolved in their favor. Profitable activities: jurisprudence, entrepreneurship, charity, diplomacy. Representatives of such a connection can achieve recognition in drama and poetry, vocal art and ballet, in cinema and on stage.

With affected connections, problems arise due to apathy, imbalance, numerous novels, an irrepressible thirst for universal attention.

Description of Pars of Fortune in Libra (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Scorpio

The Pars of Fortune gives benefits to the energetic, self-confident, ambitious. Useful qualities: self-control, perseverance, frugality, prudence, consistency.

A high income is brought by a variety of activities related to healing: homeopathy, pharmacology, Tibetan medicine, radiology, psychotherapy. These people are capable of achieving a lot in forensic science, in military service, in pedagogy.

Malicious Planets “revive” vices: sexual promiscuity, irritability, vindictiveness, duplicity. A career can be ruined by inappropriate sarcasm, a tendency to cunning, fraud.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Scorpio (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Sagittarius

The Pars of Fortune expects from such individuals independence, decency and justice.

Representatives of such a connection achieve excellent results in a variety of areas: in sports, in public service, in missionary, church activities, politics, and publishing. Foreign business trips and scientific expeditions promise considerable benefits. They successfully apply their skills and knowledge in such professions as surgery, veterinary medicine, fisheries, animal husbandry. An inheritance can become a source of material well-being.

With bad aspects, the harm is caused by one’s own malice, as well as rash decisions and actions.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Sagittarius (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Capricorn

Successful self-realization is based on frugality, commitment, professionalism. It is possible that it will take a long time to wait for the results, but with patience and perseverance, everything will work out.

The representative is on the shoulder to take a high state post – in the field of international relations, economics and finance. A business related to exchange transactions is recommended. Real estate activities, agricultural labor, achievements in the exact sciences, architecture, and construction can provide a solid profit.

If the Planets are damaged, people under this sign can lose everything due to official abuse, obstinacy, aggressiveness, greed.

Description of Pars of Fortune in Capricorn (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Aquarius

Original ideas, enthusiasm, independence, social activity, optimism are in demand. With these qualities, mentees can gain the support of influential patrons.

Such people must keep up with progress. They can expect success in genetic engineering, cybernetics, psychology, sociology. Remarkable results are brought by inventions, social activities.

With unfavorable aspects, all undertakings can be canceled out by the lack of ideals, inappropriate eccentricity, posturing.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Aquarius (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in the sign of Pisces

The basis of achievements is intuition, creative impulse, rich imagination, the gift of suggestion and persuasion. The necessary qualities are readiness for self-sacrifice, peacefulness.

Such people vividly show themselves as chemists, doctors, homeopaths. The world of art promises them money and fame: poetry, drama theater, opera, stage. Wards demonstrate abilities in occultism, divination, fortune telling, hypnology. In these areas, rich sponsors can be found.

The reasons for failure are lethargy, laziness, lack of initiative, frivolity, delicacy, excessive craving for entertainment and luxury.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in Pisces (Martin Schulman)

Pars of Fortune in Astrological Houses

The astrological house indicates those areas where people can find luck and happiness.

Pars of Fortune in the 1st House

The main conditions for success are independence, personal responsibility. Turning to someone for help weakens the patronage of Fortune. The blessings of life depend exclusively on their own talents, knowledge, diligence, and external attractiveness. The Pars of Good Luck will tell confident, enthusiastic, determined individuals the right path to happiness. Relationships with people need to be built on a spiritual basis. Extreme individualism and self-importance can be harmful.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 1st house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 2nd house

The most favorable chances of gaining material wealth are concentrated here. To put them into practice, it is important to define true ideals. When striving to master alien values, luck turns away from such people. Financial success is achieved mainly due to one’s own business qualities, but income from other people’s capital, a large inheritance, a profitable marriage is also possible. It is recommended to avoid speculative transactions.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 2nd house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 3rd house

The Pars of Fortune favors everything related to an increase in the intellectual level – scientific research, studies in universities, the defense of diplomas and dissertations, passing exams. Inventions generate substantial income. These people can profit from business trips, tours. Business alliances with friends and family are beneficial. In the third house, not only material, but also spiritual joys are concentrated. People enjoy the opportunity to share their ideas with others.

Description of the Pars Fortune in the 3rd house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 4th house

Family values ​​are in the foreground. The Pars of Fortune takes care of harmony in the parental home, then in the ward’s own family. A happy childhood is a good start for a fruitful and happy life. Spiritual generosity is rewarded. Such individuals achieve a lot if they give a lot to other people. There must be confidence in own need for others. The fourth house contains an indication of a serene old age and an easy, without suffering, completion of life.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 4th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 5th house

Creation is the source of the greatest joys in life. Creativity, routine office work, household chores, parenting – these individuals identify themselves with everything they do. And a reward awaits them: dreams become reality. It must be remembered that time is fleeting and should not be wasted aimlessly. Entrepreneurship brings great income in the fifth house. Pars Fortune also favors risky ways to generate income: gambling, betting, speculative transactions.

Description of Pars Fortune in the 5th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 6th house

The meaning of life lies primarily in work. Successful individuals do not allow things to accumulate. Success awaits the one who lives in the moment, does not waste energy on memories, knows how to distribute time and energy. A well-oiled rhythm of life increases self-esteem. Work brings not only money, but also moral satisfaction. The Pars of Fortune enhances the qualities necessary for managing subordinates, patronizes entrepreneurs, sponsors, and public figures.

Description of Pars Fortune in the 6th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 7th house

Such individuals find prosperity through marriage, profitable deals with friends and partners, they are constantly looking for new business alliances, co-authorship. This is the only way to climb the social ladder in the eighth house. An essential role is played by the ability to compromise, be peacefull and self-sacrifice. A family union should be based not only on profit, but also on love. In adolescence, there is a danger of falling under the influence of others. Everything will work out as soon as people realize their true self.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 7th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 8th house

The path to success is associated with risk, new experiences, spiritual death and rebirth. The personality acquires the gift of foreseeing dangerous situations. Pars of Fortune gives a happy ending to dramatic situations: a successful outcome of the operation, recovery from a serious illness. Big money can come through the Secret Service, a phenomenal ability in the occult. People can earn decent money on funeral services. With negative aspects, the threat of ruin is great. Such people can go into criminal areas related to the arms or drug trade.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 8th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 9th house

Here individuals can fully feel the sweetness of knowledge and new discoveries. The Pars of Fortune points to high profits from scientific expeditions, foreign business trips, and cooperation with foreigners. There is no greater joy for such people than to soar above ordinary everyday life, to penetrate the secrets of the universe, to feel harmony with nature. Church service, philosophical studies, the gift of predicting the future bring public recognition. In the presence of negative influences, these people will be indiscriminate in the means to achieve success.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 9th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 10th house

The Wheel of Fortune promises high social status, wealth, awards and honors. What is needed for this? Meet the requirements of our time, be a leader, be respected by professionals, have an impeccable reputation. The patronage of influencers ensures a brilliant career. Having taken a high post, people carry out reforms in the structure entrusted to them. In unfavorable conditions, its potential can be aimed at undermining the traditional foundations of society.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 10th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 11th house

Innovative ideas bring luck to these individuals. Their projects are approved by friends, colleagues, partners. Such individuals skillfully use their gift to ignite, to bewitch people in their personal interests. They are lucky to have sponsors. High-ranking patrons, confessors help to find the right path to success. With affected connections, happiness can break on personality complexes. People under this position can plunge into extravagance, chaos and anarchy.

Description of the Pars Fortune in the 11th house (Martin Schulman)


Pars of Fortune in the 12th house

Material wealth, public recognition are under the cover of secrecy. The role of the “gray eminence” is suitable for these individuals – leadership of the collective life from behind the scenes. By the end of life, people can accumulate impressive capital. Profitable spheres of activity: hospitals, sanatoriums, prisons, monasteries. The Pars of Fortune promises benefits from occult practice. Anonymous benefactors can provide support. It is possible that the merits of people will be adequately appreciated only after death. The danger lies in misconceptions about the own worth.

Description of the Pars of Fortune in the 12th house (Martin Schulman)



What is happiness?

For thousands of years, people have pondered the question: “What is Happiness?” They came up with thousands of answers to it. But surprisingly, with all of these answers, only a few can really say they feel happy. Ancient Chinese legend speaks very interestingly about the nature of Happiness.

Several thousand years ago, China was ruled by a very cruel and selfish emperor. He ordered the erection of a wall about six thousand miles long around his domain. To better understand the spirit of that time, you need to know that many people died during the construction of this wall, and their bodies were buried under it. At this time there was an old Chinese man who had and loved only two things in the world: his only son and his horse. But fate decreed that the horse ran away one day. Hearing about this, the elders of the city came to console him with the words:
“What a misfortune that your horse ran away.” The old man looked at them and replied: “How do you know that this is misfortune?”

A few days later, his horse returned, accompanied by six wild horses. Thus, a person’s wealth has increased dramatically. Seeing this, the elders of the city came to him again and said: “How fortunate that you now have seven horses.” The old man thought for a minute, then looked at them and replied: “How do you know that this is happiness?”

In the evening, the old man’s only son decided to drive around one of the wild horses, fell off it and became a cripple. The elders again gathered at the old man and, shaking their heads, said: “What a misfortune that your son fell from his horse and now cannot walk.” And this time he gave them the same answer: “How do you know that this is a misfortune?” The elders were perplexed and walked away.

The next day, the emperor’s servants arrived in the city. They had an order to take all young healthy people to build a hand-erected 6-thousand-mile wall. They took all the young people in the city except the old man’s son. This time, the elders were sure they understood the old man’s wisdom. They came to him again and said: “What a blessing that your son was not taken to build the wall.” But the old man looked at them and again answered: “How do you know that this is happiness?”

This time, the elders were completely bewildered. They stepped aside and began to confer with each other. Then they returned to the old man and said: “We talked among ourselves and agreed that you are the wisest person in all of China. We decided that it would be great happiness if you agreed to become the head of the city. ” The old man stretched out his hands in despair and said: “How do you know that this will be happiness? I don’t need a job. ” And walked away.

He could well be the happiest person in all of China –  he knew the secret of happiness!


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