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Stones talismans by horoscope

In pagan times, people believed that the power of the four elements – water, fire, earth, air – is embodied in material objects. For example, in stones.

The sages of the Hellenistic era, and then the Middle Ages, argued that each mineral contains the light of a patron star. Long-term contact with a gem, a person is exposed to the influence of this star.

The existence of a rational grain in the beliefs of ancestors is recognized by modern science. From the point of view of physics, there is a constant exchange of energy in nature. Before falling into the hands of man, the mineral could lie in the earth for thousands of years, absorbing an incredible amount of vibrations from space and the interior of the earth. The powerful energy of the stone will surely affect its owner, manifesting its magical properties .

In astrology, stones represent various manifestations of human nature and destiny. Minerals are as individual as people.
Stones talismans

Properties of stones

Dozens of minerals are used as talisman stones. Each of them embodies several different qualities. Below, for example, is a list of some of the popular gems and their properties:

  • diamond – hardness and purity;
  • amethyst – faithfulness in love;
  • agate – longevity;
  • turquoise – happiness;
  • pomegranate – friendship, love, gratitude;
  • pearls – strong marriage bonds;
  • emerald – hope, wisdom;
  • ruby – ardent passion;
  • sapphire – knowledge;
  • topaz – intuition, worldly wisdom;
  • chrysolite – getting rid of depression;
  • zircon is a business success;
  • amber – protection from dark forces;
  • jasper – courage.

One and the same stone is fraught with not only positive, but also negative qualities. For example, topaz can arouse jealousy, turquoise can aggravate a capricious disposition, opal can darken life with the inconstancy of a loved one. A diamond brings misfortune if the thoughts of its owner are not pure and honest enough.

It all depends on the compatibility of a person and a stone. It is determined by the location of the Sun, Moon and planets, as well as by the signs of the zodiac . When choosing stones by zodiac sign , our correspondence table at the end of the article will help you. To select a talisman for the main planet in the cosmogram of birth, use the online calculation of the natal chart .

In the Middle Ages, the first attempts were made to combine into a single standard list of zodiac signs and gems suitable for them. The task turned out to be extremely difficult due to the contradictions in the views of numerous astrological schools.

Only in the 70s of the twentieth century, the International Association of Jewelers combined all the accumulated information into a single table. Today, anyone can find out which stones correspond to their zodiac sign.

Choosing talismans by horoscope

There are strengths and weaknesses in the life of each of us. A talented artist remains unrecognized. A brilliant leader is lonely. A happy wife and mother are trying unsuccessfully to realize themselves in their favorite profession. Amulet stones correct problem areas of life.

How does this happen?

Astrologers necessarily mention minerals favorable for a person in his natal chart .

The natal chart is the individual’s personal horoscope. Its structure is represented by twelve astrological houses .

Planets in homes are responsible for certain facets of life: family, work, creativity, financial situation, health.

The power of planetary energy is indicated by the sign of the zodiac . To calculate it, the astrologer needs to know the place, date and even the hour of a person’s birth.

The planets enter into friendly or hostile relationships, that is, they form harmonious and tense aspects with each other. In some cases, they are isolated and do not form any aspects.

Affected planets are always present in the horoscope. They are the source of problems, setbacks and unrealized opportunities.

Stones talismans of a strong harmonious planet of a personal horoscope always guard the interests of a person, strong but tense – create problems. Gems from weak planets play a minor role. A grave threat lurks in the rocks of the affected planets. All these nuances must be considered when choosing jewelry.
Stones talismans

Stones of the Sun, Moon and planets

The sun

Solar talismans are a symbol of optimism and the will to win. These are gems of warm colors:

aventurine , heliodor , yellow beryls and diamonds , red zircon , ruby , carnelian , amber .


The moon affects the subconscious and abilities. Her amulets are cold spectrum stones:

Adularia , aquamarine , belomorite, white and pale blue opal , blue beryl , rock crystal , white pearls , jadeite , emerald , cacholong .


The planet of eloquence, commercial success and diplomacy fills bright, light gems with power. These include:

apatite , heliotrope , serpentine , emerald , malachite , citrine, chalcedony, jasper .


The feminine planet is associated with beauty, harmonious relationships. Her amulets:

amaldine, garnet, blue sapphire , jadeite , pearls , cacholong, lapis lazuli , malachite , spinel.


An energetic planet patronizes decisive, confident individuals. Mars is associated with bright, shiny minerals:

diamond , hematite , garnet, red rubies , coral and jasper .


His stones attract money, develop a passion for knowledge. It:

azurite , aquamarine , amethyst , turquoise , heliotrope , blue topaz , garnet, lapis lazuli , blue sapphire .


Choosing the stone of Saturn, you should be mentally prepared for dramatic changes in life. Stones of dark colors are associated with the planet:

agate , amethyst , jet , jade , onyx , blue sapphire , dark spinel topaz .


Minerals of a wise planet protect against deception, sharpen intuition.

The main gem of Uranus is lapis lazuli .

Other stones:

agate , amethyst , obsidian , chrysoprase, amber , jasper .


Talismans of Neptune help get out of depression. Among them, sea-colored minerals predominate:

aventurine , adularia , amethyst , turquoise , serpentine , coral , crystal .


His gems are suitable for strong people. They can radically change the owner’s outlook. It:

rauchtopaz , dark diamond , tourmaline.

Selection of talismans by day of the week

To attract good luck and protection from adversity, astrologers recommend talismans stones that are in harmony with the planets that rule every day:

Stones and medicine

It is believed that pearls help with kidney and liver pathologies. Diamond relieves insomnia. Emerald is useful for bladder ailments. Ruby contributes to the treatment of blood and joint diseases. Sapphire reduces blood pressure. Turquoise has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. All gems are endowed with various healing properties.

A Few Tips

Magicians do not recommend purchasing jewelry from pawnshops. After all, jewelry could have been stolen. In this case, they will take revenge for someone else’s crime to the new owner.

The most effective stone is the talisman that is received in the form of an inheritance or a gift.

And the last thing. For a stone to become a talisman, you must like it. The mineral will never help a person who is indifferent to him. To receive the latent energy of a stone, you need contact with it.

Aries zodiac signAries stones
(march 21 – april 20)
Taurus zodiac signTaurus Stones
(April 21 – May 21)
Gemini zodiac signGemini Stones
(May 22 – June 21)
Cancer zodiac signCancer Stones
(June 22 – July 23)
Leo zodiac signLeo Stones
(July 24 – August 23)
Virgo zodiac signVirgo stones
(august 24 – september 23)
Libra, the zodiac signLibra stones
(september 24 – october 23)
Scorpio zodiac signScorpio stones
(october 24 – november 22)
Sagittarius zodiac signSagittarius stones
(november 23 – december 21)
Capricorn zodiac signCapricorn stones
(December 22 – January 20)
Aquarius zodiac signAquarius stones
(january 21 – february 19)
Pisces zodiac signPisces Stones
(February 20 – March 20)


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