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Feng Shui wealth zone

Wealth sectorElement – Wood.

Direction – South-East.

Green colour.

To maximize the attraction of monetary luck with the help of Feng Shui means, you need to follow the basic rules in the sectors, the aspects of which are wealth and prosperity, and follow favorable directions.

Tips for real attraction of business or monetary luck: The

classic method of activating monetary luck would be: a small pond with carps right in front of your house, a well-kept aquarium in the southeast zone of your apartment or house, an image or symbols of a turtle in the northern sector, and fragrant “money” tree in the southeast. If you are starting a new business from scratch, it will be better if you yourself grow a money tree from a small sprout, and as it grows and your business grows, it will get bigger and bigger.

You can also add bright lighting in the hall to the list, it is better if it is a good crystal chandelier. Another auspicious measure is the creation of an “illuminated palace”, that is, when there is a lighted space in front of the entrance to the house, and the more it is, the better. Good lighting is also desirable for offices, shops, etc. – the facade of the office, store must have bright lighting. Place a red and gold piece of jewelry in front of your front door, such as a tapestry or a painting, or something else, all of which will attract additional money luck and open up great prospects in the field of earnings.

The southeast zone of your home is responsible for wealth, and everything related to it, which includes power, because the derivative of money is power, independence and freedom. Activate the Feng Shui wealth zone and you will have whatever you want.

To attract business success, you need to pay special attention to your desktop: it must be correctly oriented, have the right dimensions, and be correctly designed. There is no need to allow blockages on the desktop, otherwise the same can happen to your affairs – this is the most important and effective rule. For offices, the same rules and recommendations apply as for houses, apartments. It is very good to place a large well-kept aquarium in the southeastern area of ​​the office, but the main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion, so Feng Shui is, first of all, balance and harmony.

Revitalizing the southeastern zone of wealth

activation of the wealth sectorTo activate the wealth sector, you need auspicious qi, as you already know , qi energy loves everything that is clean, bright, elegant, beautiful and is attracted by music and light. The owner of this sector is the element – Wood, and in order to support it, it is necessary to add the element of Water so that the tree grows well and gets stronger. According to the rules of Feng Shui, the cycle of creation is the most positive, therefore water supports the tree and gives it strength for growth.

In the southeastern zone, it is good to put an aquarium in which there will be eight goldfish and one black – for protection, a picture with a water image, a bowl of clean water. But, the main thing is not to overdo it, because a lot of Water will simply flood the Tree. And, do not forget that in Feng Shui, the main thing is symbolism. Also, to activate the wealth zone, the “wind chime” is suitable, in which there will be four hollow tubes, the number 4 – symbolizes the Wealth sector .

For everyone who prefers non-Chinese symbols, it will be more effective to place various symbols of prosperity in the wealth zone, for example: a jewelry box, a piggy bank and similar piggy banks, a bowl of fruit, a photograph of a dream car or a villa, a yacht, jewelry, chocolates in gold wrappers, dollar bills, various figurines of cows, pigs and roosters, beautiful paintings depicting fruits, especially oranges.

There are certain taboos for the southeastern wealth zone. For example, the bathroom and toilet in the southeast sector is considered a serious problem – it is believed that your cash receipts will be flushed down the drain. You can protect yourself from this if you hang a mirror on the door of the toilet or bathroom from the outside, this will have the effect that the room has visually disappeared. And do not forget that in it, the front door should not be reflected, and it should not cut off the top of the head of any of your family members.

If the mirror cannot be hung, then hang on this place a beautiful picture with a flowering tree or some other plants. You can also use a small pocket mirror to direct the qi energy upward, and tie up all the pipes that are under the toilet and sink with red ribbons. The lid of the toilet must always be kept closed, all these methods will help to retain positive qi and it will not go down the drain. Now you know everything you need to activate the Feng Shui wealth zone.


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