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Intuitive feng shui or how beginners achieve quick results

Very often, after reading various information about feng shui, people begin to get lost among a large number of advice and opinions, which sometimes contradict each other.
Some of the advice of classical feng shui is difficult to apply in the realities of real life.

feng shui for beginners

Chi energy

For example, according to the School of Flying Stars, with unfavorable annual stars in the bedroom, it is recommended to change the bedroom for a year, otherwise try to visit the room as little as possible. Now imagine this in real life, you need to nail up the bedroom and move to live in the kitchen, as we see it is difficult to apply in everyday life. And there are a lot of such correction tips on the Internet.
And in order not to get completely confused in this information and not become paranoid in the impulse to change and improve your life, there is a more understandable and effective method for analyzing the energy structure of your home, apartment, office, summer cottage – this is an intuitive approach that is well suited for beginners.

It is the intuitive approach that allows beginners, even those unfamiliar with the practice of feng shui, to create comfort and harmony in the house.
After all, what is Feng Shui? This is an ancient science that calculates the energy of your home, and the energy of your home is nothing more than a combination of the energy of material objects, things and your energy as the owner of this home. So, an intuitive approach allows you to more accurately adjust the necessary energy, the necessary comfort in the house, which is exactly what you need and which will work effectively and change your life for the better.
Put everything you know and read about Feng Shui aside.

The first necessary step to take in order to successfully analyze the energy of your home is to clear your mind. You need to forget for a while all the information that you read about feng shui, your brain should not cling to a lot of opinions and advice, since in fact, in practice, each individual case is unique and requires its own solution. By doing this, you will begin to perceive your space as if it were not biased, everything from scratch.

At the entrance to the house, apartment

feng shui for beginnersEntering your house and passing the hallway, you need to remember your first feeling. Determine how this house greets you? Is there a vibrant energy pulsing here, or is there a feeling of static and immobility, is peace and tranquility reigning here, or are you overwhelmed by a feeling of stagnation in which you want to sit down and do nothing? But you shouldn't draw your own conclusions yet, you just need to remember your feelings and move on.

You need to feel every room in the house

Before entering each room, you need to stop and try to free yourself from those sensations and feelings that you had before. Try to let them go or push them into the background, thereby freeing your consciousness for new perception. Each may have their own different tricks for this. As an example, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and, as you exhale, mentally free yourself from your past feelings. And after all this, enter the premises and slowly walk through it, clearly tracking the reactions of your body and feelings (this should be done in the absence of people there). Stand for a while in different parts of this room and see if the sensations change and, if so, in which direction. Be sure to remember your general feeling from this room, as well as the presence or even the absence of changes and your feelings in its parts. After all, do the same with the rest of the apartment or house.

We analyze the energy of an apartment or house as a whole

Walking around the house, come as close to its center as possible and here you need to try to assess the overall quality of its energy. After when your impression is formed, you need to compare it with your very first feeling that was when you entered the apartment, the house, as a rule, it very accurately conveys the general mood of the space. Also appreciate how much there are differences in your feelings in the center of the apartment and rooms. If the general feeling from the apartment or house is good, and a little discomfort comes from its individual parts, then you need to make changes to the interior of only these rooms. But if all the same unpleasant sensations and feelings are present in the center of the house or apartment, then you need to start correcting the energy from it.

Analysis of your feelings and choice of correction method

feng shui for beginnersThe sensations you have and the methods of correction can be divided into several types:

  • It is very pleasant to be in the room, it is comfortable and cozy there. The feeling says that the energy in the room is balanced, and the interior design solutions are selected correctly. Correction in this case is not required.
  • It is not bad in the room or in some parts of the room, but there is a feeling of some kind of incompleteness or some discomfort. All this feeling means that in this part of the house there is a certain imbalance in the energy space of the room itself, or the design of the room is not quite right. It is necessary to make additions or changes to the color scheme of the interior, and maybe to the arrangement of furniture. Using your imagination, you need to imagine what color shades would be good and appropriate here, and how best to arrange furniture in order to feel comfortable.
  • The room is completely uncomfortable, and while being there, feelings of fatigue, apathy or irritation arose. Such a feeling can mean the presence of a very serious imbalance in the energy of the room, which, apparently, is enhanced by poor interior solutions. First of all, a change will be required in the color scheme of the walls and floor, as well as in the arrangement of furniture and possibly its colors. Again, try to find the desired colors with the help of imagination and intuition, imagining what is missing here for a comfortable state.
  • In a room or in some parts of it, there are clear negative sensations, and even expressed in a bodily sensation (in the form of muscle weakness, headache, tightness and pain in the heart, difficulty breathing, heaviness in the chest, etc.). Such sensations may portend serious problems associated with the presence of geopathogenic zones or even faults in the earth's crust under this part of the room, and possibly various anomalies of the Earth's natural magnetic field. In such situations, correction is very difficult and will require the involvement of a good specialist. If these sensations begin to arise in most of the house, then the best solution is often to move to another house.

And finally, I want to say that this intuitive feng shui approach will be useful not only for beginners, but also for professionals, as it allows you to check the correctness of calculations and feng shui methods. After all, whatever school of Feng Shui you use, the main thing is the result, and the result is a good atmosphere and comfort in the house, which you, as the owner of the house, should feel.


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