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Void of Course Moon. Online calculation

We present you an online calculator that allows you to calculate the “Moon without a course” for any date, with the choice of a settlement and taking into account the GMT time zone. The calculation displays the last major aspect of the Moon with the planet, as well as the beginning and end of the “Idle Moon” cycle.

Date: , 


Latitude: ,
Calculated for the city New York, United States, 40°n43', 74°w0', UTC -4

Date The last aspect, Void of Course, sign
July 24, 2024
c Moon in Pisces


Term "Moon without course " refers to the period of the Moon's state when it is between the last major aspect with the planet in the active sign, and the moment of transition to the next sign.

Not recommended during the idle moon

  • Do not start new projects, important things with far-reaching plans.
  • Avoid important meetings with new people during this period.
  • Do not make expensive purchases.

How to use the Moon period without a course

  • A good time to clean up the rubble, clean up your desktop or home.
  • A good time for yoga, meditation or spiritual practice.
  • Rest and sleep will quickly restore your strength.
  • Fun events and meetings with friends.
  • Good time to travel.
  • Increased intuition or a sixth sense will help, in the search for unresolved, internal psychological problems. The best time to listen to your inner self.


Void of Course Moon. Online calculation for a month


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