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Conjunction Neptune – MC (Midheaven). Power of dreams

The middle of the sky on the cusp of the 10th house will tell the owner of the horoscope in what area he will have a successful and productive fulfillment of his mission. This is not only a choice of profession at the call of the soul, but also a hint on how to establish relationships in a team, with a boss (after all, you can prepare in advance for the psychotype of a leader), and even with your spouse’s parents. The path to happiness will be easy if you know the rules of travel. The answer is not only in the zodiac sign of the 10th house, but also in the planets nearby MC.

The connection with the planet is the strongest aspect, including the energies of only 10 houses, with an emphasis on the qualities of the second member of the union. Neptune is the highest planet that attracts large-scale world-class events for the formation of a person. The native is influenced by fashionable spiritual trends in religion, psychology and art. The only problem is to figure out what resonates more strongly in your soul and choose one direction for your career, and not many, which leads to the dispersion of talents.

Influence of the Neptune-MC compound on fate

The owners of the aspect idealize the world around them and their role in improving it. They dream of saving the Universe from evil and believe that the very first creative opus or going on stage will cause a storm of applause and a storm of enthusiasm. Therefore, facing reality can be painful.

They take criticism with hostility or take offense at everyone, stopping creative experiments, which is fraught with immersion in routine and departure from purpose.

Much depends on the shapes of the aspects. If Neptune is part of the Great Square , and even more so the Cross, Trapezium or God’s Finger , it is more difficult to break through obstacles. Strengthening Saturn and Mars , and through them perseverance, willpower and faith in oneself, will help . The second catch is the idealization of the boss, the Stockholm syndrome in relations with him, when his sins and mistakes are covered, and as a result, the native has to answer.

To be successful, you need to listen to your intuition, as well as the advice of your mother or a spiritually close relative. Mystical signs and astrologer’s consultations in this situation will help you choose the right path.

Other important features of the conjunction of Neptune with the Midheaven Meridian:

  • strong psychological influence of parents on the formation of character and decision-making (if the mother and father are abusive or alcoholics, it is very difficult to cope with the destructive influence);
  • the talent of a born medium and empath, unconscious reading of the negative emotions of other people or the inability to cope with your own during an important event;
  • the talent of an actor, writer, photographer, astrologer, psychologist and doctor, but a huge range of abilities often prevents him from being realized as a professional in one direction;
  • suppression of rational thinking with fanatical ideas of ennobling the world and otherworldly insights, withdrawal into fantasy instead of real action;
  • the danger of being used by the authorities for their own selfish purposes: they can substitute, hang other people’s waste, fire them without explanation;
  • the habit of setting unattainable goals, but thanks to enormous creative and spiritual potential, sometimes it is really possible to achieve them contrary to the laws of logic and stereotypes of society (example of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States).

Many owners of the Neptune-MC conjunction quite consciously pursue a career on a personal brand, writing fantastic stories of their ascent to success, or romanticizing real events. Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Walt Disney did it. The latter became an apologist for fairytale worlds and a dream factory. Bruce Lee, with the same aspect, based his image on the philosophical ideas of martial arts, which is also in the spirit of Neptune.

Personal relationships

Often, the connection of the MC with the blue planet gives protection and patronage of higher powers, as well as a completely Hollywood development of events while moving towards the goal. The native will have to fight stereotypes and rejection of his original ideas. Nobody believed Walt Disney that people would go to the cinema to see a mouse, but it was Mickey Mouse who became the symbol of American animation and the source of billions of dollars in income.

The mother of the owner of the horoscope has a strong influence on the development of his creative abilities, or through her there is an impetus to action. Elvis Presley recorded the first song as a birthday present for his mother. He was not going to be a singer, but the brilliant path of the king of rock and roll began just from this episode.

It is possible that one of the parents is a creative person who guides the child on the right path, but the likelihood of religious fanaticism, alcohol and drug addiction, and disorder in financial affairs is high. In this case, the native will have to work off family karma.

Practical implementation of the Neptune – MS compound

The main problem of the native is the habit of being distracted from the goal by many not particularly important matters, as well as dependence on mood and emotional state. Not everyone can successfully implement themselves in several areas, like Elvis Presley, who combined concerts, military service, filming, charity and the study of philosophical treatises.

Stress and frustration can devastate the owner of the aspect emotionally and prevent them from performing the feat. Laziness, procrastination, daydreaming are also sidetracked. It is necessary to develop a rule for structuring actions, regimen, plans, even for one day, not to mention time management for a month.

The first thing to do: choose the main direction for professional implementation, leaving the rest as a hobby.

Properly set priorities are the key to a quick takeoff in your career. The struck Neptune in conjunction with the Middle Heaven provokes deceptions and meanness on the part of high officials and gossip around. You need to double check contracts and not believe sweet promises, having the second option in stock.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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