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Method for parsing a natal chart (horoscope)

A natal chart (horoscope) is an astrological passport of a person, the decoding of which will help to identify the causes of failures, correct the development of a life scenario, and find your spiritual path.

In the construction of a natal chart , the time of birth plays a key role in minutes!

Interpretation of the birth chart

The essence of the interpretation of the horoscope is to combine the meaning of the four basic elements of astrology ( Planets , Signs , Aspects and Houses ) into one alloy, which, in fact, will be individual for everyone. These elements have different essence and role.

Planets are active players on the field of fate. A kind of actors in the theater of life. Each of the planets has its own role and its own set of roles. There is the role of a just leader and judge, the role of a warrior, the role of mother and father, and so on. Moreover, all people without exception have them! The only question is how specifically people implement these roles in their lives. Some of them exploit “to holes”, and in some others, on the contrary – they happen a couple of times in life and play them at the simplest level.

Zodiac signs are energy. Or is it the way the Planets manifest. We can say that the Zodiac Signs are the clothes of our actors. Sometimes it corresponds to the role, sometimes it prevents the “actor” from fulfilling his role and he becomes inadequate on the life stage. For example, not very comfortable “attire” for a soldier and a warrior – slippers and a newspaper, or for the role of the Goddess of love and beauty – worn and darned everyday clothes, on which it is not a pity to put an extra stain. In other words, “clothing” prevents you from manifesting in full force, from revealing yourself. And it also happens vice versa – a secondary “character” and behaves in such a way that a little more is just right to give an Oscar for a supporting role.

Aspects are interaction. We can say that these are dialogues of our actors and their relationships with each other. There are silent roles, but there are also scandalous ones. And it may not depend on the nature of the planets – the main thing is how other Planets relate to this one, which aspect is formed with others. Do they not offend? Who is friends with whom and with whom is hostile? And who depends on whom here? And here, as in life, it is far from always the one who is in the foreground decides. For example, if you are Libra by birth, then this does not mean that Venus will run everything in your life, which patronizes this sign.

Homes are the realm of realizing events and properties. We can say that this is a stage and scenery. Houses do not have their own energy, but are structures, channels that allow energies to manifest or hinder. When we consider the signs of the zodiac, we are also dealing with the same effect, however, it exists on a psychological level at the level of internal sensations. For example, having the Sun in Leo, a person can say: “I feel strong and independent”, and with the Sun in the first house – “I am strong and independent, for which I will not undertake everything I succeed, they listen to my opinion.”

To interpret the natal chart, we will use the following system:

I. Planetary level (basic qualities)
II. The level of the signs of the zodiac (difficult qualities)
III. Aspect level (interactions, relationships)
IV. House level (events, structures representing the layout of future quality)

Thus, the interpretation of the horoscope is a sequential layering of the indicated levels – for example, first we find the Planet, which is responsible for the question of interest to us, then we look how it feels in its Zodiac Sign, what kind of relationships it has with other participants in the mystery (Aspects), and finally, where it all happens, and what changes from it (at home). You can start and vice versa – first find the topic of interest to us (House), from it – the Planets, then Signs and Aspects. Astrology is much closer to philosophy or technical analysis, and does not impose stamps on the approach to implementing the method.

Since we decided to disassemble the personality as a whole, we will begin to build on the question to ourselves: Who am I? And what am I doing here?

To calculate your personal horoscope, use your natal chart online . And then, step by step, do the decoding of your cosmogram yourself.

1. The basis of personality

The core of the natal chart is represented by the triad: Sun + Moon + Ascendant . The sun represents the ego. The moon is subconscious. In men, the influence of the Sun is more pronounced, in women and children – the Moon. The Ascendant is a mask that people put on themselves in order to appear before the outside world.

The above system is applicable to each member of the triad: Planet (Luminary) / Zodiac Sign / Aspect / House. Also unforgettable about the power of the planets .

2. The ruler of the horoscope

We determine the Ascendant Ruler and analyze the power of the Planet . Its location in the monastery is a gift of fate, eternal luck. Exaltation is an indication of a specific talent, a fulcrum in a difficult situation. The expulsion of the Ruler means sickness and problems. In the event of a fall, people will have to work a lot on themselves. The position of the Ascendant Ruler determines the personal dominant, the main line of life, affects health and longevity.

3. Personal planets

Personal Planets are fixed. If one of these Planets is near the Ascendant , it will have a decisive influence on the motives of behavior and the occupation of the individual. Our favorite formula is Planet / Zodiac Sign / Aspect / House. You also determine the strength of the planet .

Mercury – Traits: rational thinking, speech, learning, information exchange. When being with the Sun in the same Sign, Mercury noticeably enhances the “solar” features.

Venus – Qualities: beauty, aesthetics, harmony, ability to love. Venus is considered in conjunction with the Moon. After all, both planets symbolize the world of emotions.

Mars – Principles: will, sexuality, aggressiveness. It is important to pay attention to aspects with the Sun.

Jupiter and Saturn . They are on the border between the Personal and the Higher Planets. Jupiter symbolizes spiritual growth, religious aspirations, morality. Saturn, on the contrary, lowers a person from heaven to earth, reflects phobias and limitations, concentration, isolation, responsibility.

4. Higher planets

Now you can go to the Higher Planets. And still the same formula: Planet / Zodiac Sign / Aspect / House.

Uranus . Revolutionary changes. Higher Intelligence, insight, prophecy.

Neptune . Mysticism, mystery, distortion of reality, intuition, meditation.

Pluto . Purification, death, rebirth, manipulation, power, transformation, higher power.

5. At home

The planets in the houses of the horoscope show the event level, and distinguish twelve spheres of life. The 10th house of Midheaven (MC) will show career and recognition.

1st House – appearance, character, temperament of a person;
2nd House – money, valuables, movable property;
3rd House – close environment, neighbors, contacts, schooling, short trips;
4th House – parents, home, family, real estate, end of life;
5th House – creativity, love, children, childbirth, entertainment, art, speculation;
6th House – work, service, health and disease;
7th House – marriage, partners, outright enemies;
8th House – sex, other people’s money, psychological crises, death, inheritance, occultism;
9th House – worldview, religion, philosophy, higher education, long distance travel;
10th House– career, recognition, honors, goals in life, bosses;
11th House – hopes, friends by ideals, surprises;
12th House is a secret in life, isolation, prison, monastery, serious illness, mysticism.

6. Deciphering the Lunar nodes and fictitious points

Fictitious Points are designated: Lilith (temptations), Lunar Nodes (life purpose, karma), Chiron (hidden possibilities), Pars (Wheel) of Fortune (success, no problems),

7. Final analysis

The interpretation of the natal chart is carried out on the basis of the synthesis of all its elements and interactions between them. This is the most difficult stage, since each person is a microcosm, a universe in miniature.

When analyzing a horoscope, the main thing to remember is that there are no good and bad natal charts. Man is the master of the destiny, any inharmonious influence of planets, houses, signs and tense aspects is worked through through our will. Read more in the article: Working out planets and aspects in the natal chart .


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