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Strength and harmony in the natal chart (Astrodines)

Cosmodines (Astrodines) are an astrological measure of strength and harmony in the natal chart. Just as electrical power is measured in watts and physical power in joules, astrologers can use astrodines to measure astrological power.

The method was developed by Astrologer Elbert Benjamin in 1946, its calculations and formulas are well described in Ken Stone’s book “ Delineation With Astrodynes “. This technique has long been considered very difficult for manual calculations, but with the advent of computers, everything changed. “Astrodines” have become widely used by many professional astrologers to analyze the natal chart .

All planets, signs and houses have a harmonious and inharmonious indicator, as well as an indicator of strength (power). This is important information when reading the diagram, according to these indicators you can analyze the energy of the planet, sign and house, and find out how these energies will be used, in harmony or disharmony.

The amount of energy (power) that the planet possesses is determined by three components: sign, house and active aspects. The astrodynes method uses 10 aspects: connection, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile, square, trine, one-and-a-half square, quincunx, opposition and parallel. The orbis of influence of an aspect changes depending on which planets are involved, their location in the house and the aspect in question. You can find complete information about the calculations in the above source.

 It is also worth mentioning that the planet with the largest number of “Space Mods” will be the strongest planet in the map, as it displays the strongest energy potential. Why are strong planets so important? The most powerful planets in the table indicate potential that can easily be converted into abilities. This is where you can excel, specialty or profession in which you will achieve the best result. Harmonious or inharmonious planets show the amount of luck or obstacles in the way of realizing the potential of the planet.

By the same analogy, the strongest and most harmonious houses emphasize the environment or area of ​​life where it is easier for a person to practice and develop their profession.

Signs give an idea of ​​natural, instinctive motivations (likes and dislikes, attitudes and reactions), make it possible to judge whether or not there is a vocation. Harmony and disharmony will show satisfaction with the energy of the sign.

Harmony and disharmony

Harmony and disharmony indicators measure the amount of disagreement, inharmonious impact on planets, signs and houses. A positive number reflects harmony, negative disharmony. This important information will show how the energies of planets, signs and houses will work, whether these energies will be used harmoniously and attract luck and lightness, or inharmoniously, bringing discord, obstacles and resistance.

Harmony and disharmony is determined by three things: the nature of the planet itself, harmonious and inharmonious aspects, and essential power (by sign). Position in the house (accidental strength) does not affect harmony and disharmony, but it does affect the indicator of strength.

The indicator of disharmony can be harmonized by spiritual elaboration of the benevolent qualities of this planet, house or sign.

How can “Cosmodines” be used in practice?

For quick analysis of the natal chart. In the table, we can highlight the strongest and most harmonious planets, houses and signs.

In the horoscope of moving (relocation), we can analyze the changes in the energy of houses, and as you know, moving changes the entire event structure of the natal chart.

In the compatibility horoscope (synastry), using “Cosmodines”, you can highlight common interests, as well as clearly see the harmony or disharmony of relations.
In fact, the field of application of “Astrodins” is very wide – it is a unique tool that gives an additional opportunity to analyze the natal chart .

Line of least resistance

The lightning spark does not strike the Earth directly, but moves in a zigzag manner, along the line of least resistance. Rivers also do not flow directly on the ground, but flow with bends, choosing the line of least resistance. The line of least resistance is the line of greatest progress. And there is this line in a person’s life. It’s no secret that the same thing is easy for someone, but for someone else it becomes an insurmountable obstacle. If you calculate how many years each person spends in vain efforts to achieve the impossible, then I would like to advise him(her) to study the laws of nature. The principles of astrology based on these laws make it possible to find a suitable occupation, the right path, in other words, that line of least resistance, which will lead to a result with the least expenditure of effort and money.

In life, you can often see people who ignore their vocation and in search of good earnings or for some other reason find work that does not correspond to the call of their soul. This is, of course, a false path. Even if such work brings a lot of income, nevertheless, over time, people develop an internal discord with themselves, which can lead to exhaustion of the nervous system, loss of health and even mental disorders.

If such people are in love with their jobs, even if the income from it barely reaches the subsistence level (Analysis of the 10th house ), they can still be happy and satisfied. No work can be done in good faith without love for it, without being carried away by it, therefore every profession has its “slaves” and “martyrs.” Often, in order to follow your attraction or vocation, you have to sacrifice some of the benefits of life, especially material ones. “Take what you want, but first pay the proper price” is, according to Emerson, divine will.

How to find the line of least resistance in the horoscope?

An analysis of the strength and harmony of the horoscope indicators will help determine this line. Calculate the strength and harmony of “Astrodina” and determine which planets, houses and signs concentrate the main force of your energy.


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